Tools to Balance Your Working and Kids Learning from Home

Rise and shine, It’s time to get dressed for Mrs. Pollack’s video class in 30 minutes.

We are learning to balance family tech more than ever with as many stay at home students and parents. Tech tools and the ways we use them are evolving as we figure out how to keep kids on track with their education.

It starts with safety as the FBI sends another warning to K though 12 schools about an increase in attacks during home learning.

Lesson #1 Fortify Your Home Network

Hackers are specifically targeting homes where children are engaged in distance learning. HakTrap by Axiom is simple plug and play technology that provides homes with front line protection from ongoing cyber threats and hackers.

It blocks or shuts-down attacks before they begin in order to protect your entire home including all connected devices. The HakTrap little box plugs in next to your router. Monthly and annual HakTrap protection plans are available

What I love about HakTrap is how it guards your entire slew of home-connected devices constantly without your needing to lift a finger once plugged in.



Lesson #2 Good, Inexpensive Chromebook is Best Home Learning Tool

You’ll need to tune-in to your school to see what technology is the standard for learning. It turns out though that a majority of school districts have embraced the less expensive Chromebook for home learning. Teachers are using Chromebook ad-one for helping construct lessons better. Windows laptops and iPads are not as popular as Chromebook in the home learning setting.

Look to spend around $300 for a good one. More expensive ones have better displays, faster processors but not necessarily important for schooling. Go with a Chromebook that is rugged enough for kids, has a good battery life and can tolerate minor spills.

This Acer Chromebook Spin 11 priced around $309.99 fits the bill for most. Make sure you check with your school to see if there are any being issued for free or if the school has a discount program before you buy.

CyberGuy Expert Tip: Return and Recharge any devices for school at end of every day and keep in same spot.


Lesson #3. Set a Smart Speaker Reminder Schedule

Keep a schedule to add a little structure into home chaos.Home life is full of distractions.  Use smart speakers like Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot with Clock to set reminders throughout the day.   Google Assistant’s “Family Bell” is even easier to setup a school schedule at home.

“Hey Google, create a Family Bell.”

Alexa Reminders are easy to set.  Launch Alexa app  >  Tap menu button in upper left corner  >  Tap Reminders & Alarms  >  Reminders  >  tap the + symbol to create new reminder and type what you want Alexa to announce.

Set Useful Reminders

  • Bed Time
  • Wake Up
  • Get Dressed
  • Turn in Homework Assignment
  • Lunchtime
  • Start of Video Class
  • Nap Time

Lesson #4  Raise Your Hand from Home by Snapping a Pic

New way to ask for help from a teacher.  Group chat Q&A follows most video class lessons but does not afford one on one time with the teacher.

CyberGuy Expert Tip: Snap a Photo of a Lesson You Have A Question about and Email to Your Teacher

Lesson #5 Dial Down Distractions at Home

Use parental controls to limit distracting non-school apps during learning time.  Turn off social media networks, streaming video, anything not school-related during class time.  Grant screen time access upon request and automatically permit it during lunch and free time.

Check out Apps to Bring Calm to Work Home Life

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