Save money with Amazon’s new smart thermostat

Don’t wait. Pre-order this incredibly low-priced smart thermostat from Amazon. I’ve got one word. It’s about time. Okay, that’s three words.

And you get it. There is a lot to love about Amazon and there is a lot not to love.

This is one of those innovations that you can love wholeheartedly. Amazon Smart Thermostat is an Energy Star certified, easy to install thermostat that works with Alexa.

One thing you want to make sure, is that you have a C-wire. If this is foreign to you, don’t worry. Visit the “Check Compatibility” link on this page and it will walk you through the steps to see if you will need a C-wire adapter or if this may not work for you at all.  Alexa will guide you through the installation and Amazon even has a division to help you install the thermostat here.

First off, we know that Amazon is not likely to announce a new smart thermostat that won’t work well. So, when I see a price tag of $60 for this.. well below the competition.. it’s pretty easy to say yes.

Along with energy savings, I am not sure how I’ve lived without a smart thermostat for as long. I have a really old house expensive to heat and chill. Smart thermostats will save you money.

I have one warning. Don’t surrender to the BS of allowing your thermostat to be controlled by your public utility at any point for any reason, no matter how enticing it may sound.

Live free… even with this amazing smart thermostat technology.

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