How to protect an iPhone from malware

Antivirus software is not just for computers. You should also use Antivirus software on your smartphone, and you want to make sure you aren’t selecting a free option because you’re likely not getting real security protection.

Recently we shared our Best Antivirus Protection in 2022 picks and had a number of questions about the need for protection on an iPhone.


Does my iPhone need protection?

Yes, Apple iPhone is safer than Android devices, but neither offers full protection you would get from good third-party protection.

The Apple App store is much stricter on apps that are allowed to be downloaded and installed. Their higher-security protection makes it more difficult to have malware, but there have been many reported vulnerabilities over the years covered in this article that says you should keep your iPhone device protected.  Additionally, every time Apple has you update your software, that usually means there are security flaws.

Already in 2022, there have been a record 8 security software updates to flaws being actively exploited by hackers.

Here’s the iPhone and Android problem

Apple, and Google’s Android, can’t stop hackers fast enough.  The gap of time and sheer volume of vulnerabilities are skyrocketing so much so that often a number of weeks go by before a new software update is pushed out.

All this time your smartphone is sitting open to hackers who in many cases can take control, steal credentials, learn how to access your bank accounts and you never even know it’s happening.   I cannot say it enough and with loud enough emphasis – Keep your iPhone protected.  Here’s how to do it with the winning antivirus protection from my 2022 review of the best antivirus protection available for all devices.

Step 1: How to install TotalAV on an iPhone & iPad

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on iOS!

Step 2: How to keep your iPhone protected with TotalAV

After installing TotalAV on your iPhone,

  • Turn on Webshield. Click the first row and toggle the switch “on” which will allow you to browse safely on the web.  TotalAV Webshield operates system-wide, blocking access in all browsers to dangerous websites.  So if you click a malicious link in your mobile browser or click a malicious link in a text message, TotalAV will block it and display a warning message.  Access to the danger will be blocked.

If you ever experience what you think may be malware on an iPhone, an app may have a glitch, not have been updated, or just have buggy features. Delete old apps that haven’t been used or updated, and try fully closing out apps that cause you problems:

  •  If you have an iPhone X or later, you’ll swipe up from the bottom half of the screen. If your iPhone has a home button, double tap.
  • Swipe up on the app to fully close it. (Pro tip: You should periodically close out your apps to keep your iPhone running as quickly as possible.)

Be sure to protect ALL your devices with TotalAV. product here: Special CyberGuy limited-time deal: $19 your first year (80% off)




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