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How to Know When You’ve Got A Hacked Bank Account

by Kurt Knutsson

If you thought the data breaches of JP Morgan Chase, Target and Home Depot were bad, get ready for this. The FBI reports 500 million hacked bank accounts & financial records in the last year alone and many victims haven’t suspected a thing.

We seldom ever see them coming or going. Hackers are the world’s greatest snoops and can create a path of financial destruction in seconds. So whether you have a business online banking account or use an app to check your current account, it’s important for you to read on and learn how to avoid a breach.

How to know if your checking or savings account has been hacked:

1) you see low balance on monthly statement or when logging into your bank
2) you get a call from the bank fraud department
3) your debit or checking account card is denied

How does a checking or savings account get hacked?

1) unsafe wireless internet connections can often be a way hackers monitor what you type including account numbers and passwords
2) home or business wireless internet that does not have strong password protection
3) opening a link that is fake but looks like it is your bank and baits you into offering your account info

Kurt’s plan to help keep your checking and savings account safer: (tips)

1) know your rights. Federal regulators require banks make good on stolen funds through hacking. Good news is that most, but not all, bank accounts are protected to some degree. Those who’ve got their money in a checking and savings account is insured by the fdic can count on up to $250,000 coverage should a catastrophic cyber attack cause a bank to fail and threaten to take you down with it. See if your bank have federal deposit insurance here http://research.fdic.gov/bankfind/

2) avoid logging onto your bank from your phone or laptop while in a public internet source such as a shared connection at a coffee shop

3) ask yourself “am i expecting this text or email from my bank?” If your answer is no, then say no to clicking anything inside the message.

4) strengthen your password

5) keep your internet browser and operating system updated. Many hackers target older versions that have greater vulnerabilities.

6) Apps like BillGuard watches your bank accounts for unusual activity

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