Best Tech for Seniors

Best Tech for Seniors

by Kurt Knutsson

At 88, Malibu Bob, one of my best friends in life is healthier than just about anyone ever imagined he’d be.

It looked a lot different 5 years ago when Bob didn’t answer my calls prompting me to pay him a visit which later brought us to the emergency department.

Living alone, Bob’s health was slipping away. One issue he hoped would resolve cascaded instead into more serious ones. Gradually what he thought would get better was about to take him and no one would know it.

What happened next was a tech awakening no one ever expected.

Podcast #12: Best Senior Medical Tech And Caring Tools

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Best Senior Tech podcast


03:01 What works and making a plan

03:16 Hiring the right caregivers

04:21 The tech needed and owning the experience

04:45 Getting started caring for a senior

05:20 First tech to get for your senior's home

07:30 The medical devices that make a difference

08:10 Accuracy and speed of data is important

09:04 Why Apple Heath is the leader

09:20 What app does your medical center or hospital use

10:25 Medical grade EKG at home with no drama

13:00 'Alexa, call 911'

13:20 The Jitterbug phone is all grown up.. and smart

14:45 Uber for Seniors.. no app needed

15:18 How to order an Uber car without an app

16:00 Med pill dispensers

18:30 How much all this costs and why insurance companies should pay for it

18:55 Why Apple is ahead of most with Health, Care and Research

19:40 What doctors say is most important with using tech

20:00 How to navigate tech glitches and challenges

21:00 Preventing falls

22:00 Fall Prevention app

24:00 Check with your doctor


Bob’s disdain for new technology over the years is always apparent and amusing in our friendship. More recently, his shift to an embrace of technology as he gets older is helping him stay independent and strong.

I’m a witness to its success.

Taking a step-by-step approach to senior technology is where to start.

1/ Make a Plan

Begin by deciding to own the process. Set goals, define how progress will be measured, invite support from other loved ones, understand meds and make a list of when and why they are being taken, research online to see if any of them are contrary, never miss a doctor’s appointment, setup a calendar on your device named after your loved one.

There you will put all appointments and reminders and share it with supporting friends and family members. This advice is solid and will make for an easier time managing what it is to care for another senior loved one.

Listen to my podcast for in-depth ways to create the right plan and introduce affordable technology that works for seniors too.

And remember that everyone is unique with completely different needs. When you are tuned into those needs you can then decide with the advice of doctors which technology is right for you and your loved one.

Only trust medical advice from a doctor — not a relative, friend or Dr. Google who all think they are doctors.


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