How to remove malware on a Mac 2024

How to remove malware on a Mac 2024

Run a quick scan, full system scan and set it to run automatically

by Kurt Knutsson

The increase in destructive malware circulating is becoming a bigger concern by the fact that it is unpredictable. Wartime digital weaponry knows no boundaries and will inevitably create damage to unintended targets. It is imperative that you protect yourself including all of your devices.

In our latest top antivirus recommendation article, many readers asked us how to install our top recommendation of TotalAV onto all your devices.   Here’s how to do it on a Mac.

Be sure to follow the instructions below.


First, uninstall any other antivirus already installed on your computer

Because antivirus with real-time protection runs diligently in the background of your computer, having two such services installed at once will prevent each other from providing any protection at all.  To have success with TotalAV, please uninstall your other antivirus programs on your computer.


How to install TotalAV on MacOS

TotalAV screen

  • Click Continue
  • Enter your Computers Password
  • Click Install Software

How to install TotalAV on a Mac

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on Mac OS!

Now that you have your software installed, let’s do a scan of your computer.



How to enable WebShield

TotalAV’s WebShield uses AI and cloud-based technology to provide the first line of defense against online malware, phishing and other harmful websites. It does this by checking and filtering any websites you visit against our block list.

WebShield on macOS® is used within Safari®. Follow the steps below to enable WebShield in Safari.

1) Open TotalAV

2) Select WebShield on the menu

TotalAV Webshield-Mac-1
3) Click ‘Enable Now for Safari’
TotalAV Webshield-Mac-2
4) Click ‘Open Safari Preferences
TotalAV Webshield-Mac-3
5) Click the Box
TotalAV Webshield-Mac-4
6) Click Turn On
TotalAV Webshield-Mac-5
WebShield will now be enabled.
7) Webshield will now be enabled
TotalAV Webshield-Mac-6
The extension is also available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Check out our guides by clicking here.


How to run a Quick Scan

To run a quick scan to see if there is Malware on your computer

  • Open the TotalAV application
  • Click Malware Scan
  • Click Quick Scan
  • Scan will take between 5-10 minutes
  • If TotalAV finds a virus, it will fully remove it and put it in the Quarantine Virus Vault

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How to run a Full System Malware Scan

To run a more in-depth scan of your computer, run a full system scan by doing the following:

  • Open the TotalAV application
  • Click Malware Scan
  • Click System Scan
  • Scan will take much longer to complete depending on how many files your computer has
  • If TotalAV finds a virus, it will fully remove it and put it in the Quarantine Virus Vault

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How to schedule malware scans

To have TotalAV automatically scan your computer on a regular basis, you can customize how often you want the scan to happen by doing the following:

  • Open the TotalAV application
  • Click “Settings Cog” on the bottom left
  • Click the ‘”Antivirus Scans” tab
  • Adjust the frequency and type of scan.

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Misty Johnson January 29, 2024 - 9:33 am

Best way to keep someone from completely taking over your phone??

Kurt Knutsson January 29, 2024 - 9:36 am

Hi Misty, please refer to our article here


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