How to remove malware on an Android

How to remove malware on an Android

The best antivirus for your Android: Run real-time protection on Android devices now

by Kurt Knutsson

Antivirus software is not just for computers. You should also use Antivirus software on your smartphone, and you want to make sure you aren’t selecting a free option because you’re likely not getting real security protection.

We narrowed down the best Antivirus Software picks to protect your devices in 2023 and the top choice for is TotalAV.

Android antivirus protection

The TotalAV app offers handy free features including:

  • WiFi Checker to see if your network is secure
  • Security scan which does a basic scan of your installed apps
  • Secure search to browse the internet on a secure browse

The best and two more important features of TotalAV for Android are only available if you purchase a protection plan from TotalAV – which you can get for only $19 right now.

Step 1: How to install TotalAV on your Android device

TotalAV antivirus software on android phone
You have now successfully installed TotalAV on your Android device!


Step 2: How to set up Real-Time protection for Android phones

TotalAV will allow you to run real-time protection in the background while you use your phone. It will scan your phone live and notify you if it finds any suspicious activity that could contain malware.

Here’s how to get Real-Time Protection on your Android device.

  • Open TotalAV Antivirus App on your Android device and login
  • You’ll see that your device is not being protected in Real-Time
  • Toggle on the Real-Time Protection button
  • Your Android will let you know that your device is now protected and Real-Time Antivirus Protection is active

two android phones

Once your Android is protected in real-time from future threats, you’ll want to scan your Android to make sure there aren’t any existing viruses or malicious files on it.

Right under where you turn on Real-Time protection in your TotalAV app, you’ll see an option to click for a Security Scan. Make sure you keep the app open as it scans your phone.

android app





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