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How to stop the never-ending stream of spam emails

Try these solutions to get rid of that junk mail for good

by CyberGuy Staff

You’re getting junk mail sent to your email all day. What to do about it?

Junk email consists of spam emails, phishing emails that will try to trick you to click on links and reveal personal information.  Here are some easy things you can do to dramatically defend yourself against the spam onslaught to your email.


1) Train your Device: Mark the email as spam

The more you mark these emails as spam, the more your email system learns about this type of email and its sender to it can route future emails like this directly into your spam folder.

How to mark email as spam in Gmail:

gmail toolbar spam

1) In your inbox, select the email check box to the left of the email
2) At the top of your gmail, click the “!” icon to “report spam

For more tips for Gmail users here


Mac: Apple Mail

apple mail junk toolbar

1) Select the questionable email
2) Click the “Junk” icon on the toolbar


Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail Spam
1) In your inbox, select the check box to the left of the questionable email
2) On the toolbar above your emails, tap the “Spam” icon



outlook toolbar junk
1)  Select the questionable email
2) Click the “Junk” icon on the toolbar


Outlook.com or Outlook 365

outlook 365 junk
1)  Select the questionable email
2) Click the “Junk” icon on the toolbar

outlook 365 junk phishing

If the email specifically contains a suspicious link, you can select “Phishing” specifically on both the Outlook application and Outlook.com.

1) Tap the down carrot next to Junk and select “Phishing”



aol mail spam
1) In your inbox, select the check box to the left of the questionable email
2) Click the icon in the toolbar that is a circle with a horizontal line through it to “Mark as Spam”


iPhone Mail app

iphone mail toolbar

1) Swipe the email to the left to reveal a toolbar.
2) Tap More
3) Tap Move to Junk


2) Delete the email

When you get a suspicious email, don’t click anything or reply to any email! It could infect your device with malware. After marking the email as spam, delete it. Some malware can steal your email address and send you more spam.


3) Use a spam filter

Most email platforms these days automatically filter out what they assume to be “junk” into its own folder. If you notice the amount of spam getting through to your inbox increasing, you may want to consider a Spam Filter.

There are free options for different email providers. For Gmail, try Mailwasher.

For Outlook and Windows Mail, try Spam Bully, which costs an annual fee of $29.95.

Businesses receiving a high volume of emails can also find these programs for their company emails, with options like SpamTitan.


4) Try blocking the spam email senders

This may be a temporary solution, but spammers are always changing their email addresses, so this may not be a good long term solution. Doesn’t hurt to do it though.


5) Better understand the source of the spam

Did you know that you can create a disposable email address by doing the following?:

In Gmail

Use a period (“.”):

For example I can take my current email address of johnsmith@gmail.com and on the spot, create a unique email address when I register on a site by inserting the period in between your first and last name john.smith@gmail.com.  Further, I can register on another site with j.o.h.n.s.m.i.t.h@gmail.com.  Most email programs will ignore the periods .

Now, I know if I ever get any spam email coming to me where they send it to either of the addresses above, I know not to trust that source and unsubscribe from that vendor altogether.


Use a plus (“+”) in gmail:

In gmail , you can add a “+” followed by any word (with no spaces) to your gmail address and register with that email address. You can create as many of these as you want.

For example, if I enter a contest and my current gmail address is johnsmith@gmail.com, I can create a unique email johnsmith+contest@gmail.com and register with that account.

Now, I know if I ever get any spam email coming to me where they send it to kurt+contest@gmail.com, I know not to trust that source and unsubscribe from that vendor altogether.

On an iPhone

When using Mail app from Apple, the new Hide My Email feature lets you create a unique, totally random email address to keep your real email address solidly private.

If you subscribe to Apple’s iCloud+ service, Hide My Email lets you send and receive email messages that forward to your real email account if using iOS 15.2 or later.

To send an email with Hide My Email

  1. Tap to create a new mail message
  2. Then tap the From field
  3. Add a recipient and subject for your email
  4. Tap the From field again, and now tap From field one more time
  5. Scroll to see Hide My Email near bottom and tap
  6. unique email address appears in the From field now!

If you want to get more granular, you can create dedicated disposable email addresses for specific sites.

How to create a Disposable Email Address

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap your name at the top of the page
  • Tap iCloud, then Hide my Email (5th row down)
  • Click “Create new Address” and Apple will generate a disposable email for you that will then forward to your personal inbox.  If you don’t like the email address, you can click “Use Different Address” that will then generate a new email address.
  • After selecting an email address, you can then label your address and make a note to remember what you created it for.


6) Create a new email address

You may want to create a new email address and slowly start unsubscribing from your old email address and resubscribing to the new email address. If you wanted to fully move to the new email address, you would need to migrate your email from one email account to another.


7) Don’t reveal your email address on public sites

Don’t post your email address on places like  Facebook comments or public message boards or forums where bots and spammers can get it.


8) Install anti-virus software

Be sure to install and run anti-virus software that can eliminate viruses from any spammy emails you may accidentally click on.


Bitdefender Total Security
MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android device protection
Annual or monthly subscription currently $40 at the time of publishing for first year with software for up to 5 devices (slightly more for 10 devices) that include MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android. This seems to be the best solution for a family like mine with multiple devices from the list of their endless sometimes confusing Bitdefender offerings that shouldn’t steer you away.

Bitdefender is strong while being user friendly and easy to use. It’s great at protecting many evils beginning with anti-virus security that recognizes malware, ransomware, viruses and other threats like spam. What I really like is the real-time data protection to battle malware automatically with their antivirus solution that does not slowdown anything you are doing. AI improvements can identify suspicious threats on your network and block an attack fast.

Bitdefender’s Rescue Mode can clean-up threats to keep your devices safe. It has a lot of bells and whistles that I like especially the file shredder that takes deleting to a whole new level of destruction of sensitive personal info you want to erase for good. Bitdefender is popular with its users and available at multiple online stores but I find the best pricing is here directly from Bitdefender by cutting out the middleman.


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