Get $20 Amazon Prime Day credit for trying out Amazon Photos

Get $20 Amazon Prime Day credit for trying out Amazon Photos

by Kurt Knutsson

If you’ve never been an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has been giving you lots of reasons to check them out lately, including:

and now a $20 Prime day credit for uploading at least one photo into Amazon Photos.


How does this Amazon promotion work?

1) Visit this Amazon page, scroll down and sign in (or create an account if you don’t have one)

2) Get the Amazon Photos App here (iOS, Android, desktop app)

3) Upload your photos into the app

You qualify if you just upload one photo to begin with.  So upload it and then you must turn on “auto-save” to automatically back up your photos.  Amazon photos touts that you can upload unlimited full-resolution photos with your Prime account.

4) Within 4 days, you will receive an email with your $20 Amazon credit

5) Disconnect the auto-save function once you get the credit.


Am I really going to get $20 credit from Amazon?  What’s the catch?

While there certainly are details to this promotion that you can see at the bottom of this page, here are the 3 main ones you should note:

  • To earn this $20 credit, you must be a Prime Member and this must be the first time you are downloading the app associated with your account.
  • Your $20 credit can only be applied on purchases during Prime Day (July 12, 200 at 12 am through July 13, 2022, at 11:59 am PT) on products of $40 or more
    • The $20 credit will expire at 11:59 PT on July 13, 2022.

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When does this Amazon promotion start?

Now through July 13 at 11:59 am PT.


Why join Amazon Prime?

If you ever online shop, Amazon Prime makes it easier to buy, return, and save than almost any other online retailer. Some of the major benefits of Amazon Prime:

  • Fast, FREE delivery (2-day shipping in tons of areas)
  • Exclusive deals
  • Savings on Groceries
  • Free access to Amazon prime content including movies, TV shows, books, magazines, audible narration, games and a 4 month free trial to Amazon Music library of over two million songs. (non-prime members receive 3 months free)
  • Free full-resolution photo and video storage (5GB free)
  • Plus other great features you may not know about


Cost-Saving Options for getting an Amazon Prime Membership

You can still participate in Prime Day even if you’ve never been a now $14.99 a month/$139-a-year Amazon Prime customer.  Here are some cost-saving ways of getting a membership:

Get a 30-day Free Amazon Prime trial

Simply use the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and remember to cancel if you don’t plan to keep it. You can get the same deals with free shipping offers during the free trial. Sign up here.

Students: Get 6 months of Amazon Prime free

If you’re a student, you can click this link to get 6 months free of Amazon Prime for students.  Students will need to provide verification by providing their .edu email address.  Sign up here.

Medicaid or EBT: Cheaper Amazon Prime

If you’ve got a Medicaid or EBT card, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership for $6.99 – almost half the cost of a typical membership.  Sign up here.

Sharing an Amazon Prime Membership

If you’re living in the same household, you can share your Amazon Prime membership with your partner.  Your partner will get the same Amazon Prime benefits as you for no additional cost.  In order to do this, once you’re logged in, add your partner to your Amazon Household.


Be sure to also check out the 11 tips for scoring the best deal in my Amazon Prime Day Battle Plan strategy here.





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