Best gifts for keeping cozy all year long

Best gifts for keeping cozy all year long

We have the mugs, slippers, robes, and other cozy items you can gift your loved ones so they stay warm and comfortable no matter the season

by Kurt Knutsson

Whether you’re in a colder climate and you’re already prepping for how to stay warm this winter or you just want to give someone the gift of cozy vibes, we’ve put together a list of the perfect presents.


Best cozy gifts

sweatshirt blanket

This is a gift that is perfect for anyone of any age because once again it has such an accurate name. The Comfy originally gained fame on ABC’s Shark Tank, and it’s still around years later not just because of Barbara Corcoran’s investment, but because the oversized blanket sweatshirt is beyond comfortable. Most of us have experienced a chilly night where we don’t feel like we can take a blanket off – this is ideal for just that.  It comes in one-size and is even bigger than a men’s 5X hoodie, so you’ll definitely feel cozy inside the Comfy.




Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

lavender pillow

If you’ve never owned one of these microwaveable lavender neck pillows, you may never have experienced true coziness. This particular one can be heated in the microwave, or cooled in the refrigerator. Use it for just a few seconds in the microwave to heat up the barley inside to help relax your muscles and warm up the lavender to create an unbelievably relaxing scent. Use it on your neck, somewhere else you’re experiencing pain or soreness, or my personal favorite, across my eyes and forehead as I’m falling asleep. This is the perfect gift for someone you know who needs some relaxation time.




Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

foot massager

It doesn’t have to be winter for a heated foot massage to sound relaxing! This device from Nekteck has 6 massage heads with 18 rotating nodes that help relax and massage any tension in your feet. At an affordable price, it’s cheaper than getting a few pedicures, and it’s so portable and conveniently sized that you can use it and begin regulating your foot blood flow from any room of your house.




Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

blanket on chair

This throw blanket is smooth on one side and fuzzy on the other making it extremely cozy. It comes in a few different sizes and a bunch of colors so you can gift one to anyone, or grab one that will go with your own home decor – plus it’s machine washable so its easy for everyone to keep clean.




Zippo 12-Hour Refillable Hand Warmer


This is a great and less wasteful alternative to the typical hand warmers we see every winter. Whether you live somewhere cold, have a condition like Raynaud’s syndrome where your hands get cold easily or do outdoor activities, this refillable hand warmer is a cool (and warm) solution. You can refill it with Zippo’s handwarmer or lighter fluid and you can stay warm for hours.




Pure Enrichment® WeightedWarmth™ – 2-in-1 Original Heated Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket woman

Why choose between a heated blanket and a weighted blanket when you could have both in one? This 13-lb heated blanket will combine the powerful benefits of a weighted blanket (like reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep) with the coziness and warmth of a heated blanket. You can choose your blanket’s temperature from 4 different settings.




Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

heated mug

Even if you’re using an insulated mug in the morning, you’re just holding in the temperature of your coffee or tea. This smart mug is temperature controlled so it’s going to keep your beverage warm a lot longer. If you use the coaster, it stays charged all day, or you can use it off the coaster to stay warm for an hour and a half. You can of course choose your exact temperature, and you can pair it to an app to control the temperature of your drink from your phone.




BRONAX Cloud Slippers for Women and Men 

Bronax Cloud Slippers

These cloud slippers have gained a ton of popularity online in the last year. You can get a bunch of different colors, and it feels like you’re walking around on a cloud. They’re the perfect house shoes and if you want to make them fit like a custom slipper, you can wear these while wearing a pair of socks and using a hairdryer for a few seconds to help them mold to your feet.




Dreo Space Heaters

space heater

A cozy and portable space heater from Dreo will keep you warm at any temperature. It gets hot super quickly, but it has tip-over and over-heat protection so you’ll have peace of mind. Choose from different settings or use the fan, and adjust the temperature to your liking (on the machine or using the remote). Using a space heater will help save on your gas/electricity bills while keeping the whole room warmer.




The Book Seat – Book Holder and Travel Pillowbook pillow

Book Seats and pillows have gone viral on social media in the last few months thanks to the convenience of not having to hold your book or tablet. Just prop the book or whatever device you’re reading on up against the book seat, and save your hands and arms while in bed or on the couch. This version also has a convenient pocket for your glasses or whatever you may want to stash in your own personal reading nook.



Have a comfy suggestion that would make a good gift?  Comment below!


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