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Ask Kurt: How to Find Your Lost Dog

by Kurt Knutsson

Ask Kurt: “What new technologies are out there to find my lost dog?”

In this week’s “Ask Kurt” series, I received a question from Jess G. asking about what new technologies she should know about if her dog ever gets lost.


FindingRover app and Kurt the CyberGuy and Pet Technology and Lost PetsJoanna’s 10 year old daughter had already canvassed the neighborhood with missing posters of their family dog Roxy, a Shiba Inu that was spooked by thunder and lighting running into the neighborhood. After 4 days with no luck, Joanna Cox said her daughter found an app and site Finding Rover and uploaded a recent photo of Roxy.

Lucky for Roxy, the San Diego Department of Animal Services worker Janine Marr had begun taking a photos of each animal as they arrive to the shelter.FindingRover app and Kurt the CyberGuy and Pet Technology and Lost Pets

That’s when Finding Rover‘s facial recognition technology linked to a database of missing dogs kicked into action.

According to Finding Rover, within four hours of Roxy arriving at the shelter, she was being picked up and reunited with the Cox family.

Facial recognition technology works to reunite lost dogs with their people families when dogs missing dogs and found dogs are entered into Finding Rover app. As of February 2015, the creator John Polimeno says Finding Rover has reunited 400 dogs with their families. A patent application has been submitted for it’s Pet Match machine learning system which Finding Rover owners John & wife Kristie funded the University of Utah to develop.

Download the free Finding Rover app at both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play. Take a picture of your pooch as instructed by the app and register to keep your dog on file. If you find a dog, Finding Rover scans the face of the found dog and narrows down the likeliness of matches to a 98% accuracy.


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