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Innovative Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

by Kurt Knutsson

What do you get someone who has everything? Roses and chocolates are somehow too cliche when there are a number of real life gift ideas that are far more appreciated.

My last big trip pre-pandemic was a spectacular cruise with a high-tech mixologist that caught my eye. With all the appearance of the intended Virtual Bartender gimmick to sell cruise tickets, the automated bartender turned out to be more fun and practical that I ever imagined. I also thought to myself, someone should make a countertop bartender machine like this. Well, some geniuses did.

Bartesian Cocktail Machine

I swear to you I am at least 24 hours sober having put the Bartesian through a thorough testing over the last few days making the easiest ever high-end cocktails on demand. You start by setting up Bartesian on a countertop or bar space and add your favorite alcohol in the provided glass reservoirs. I put in my favorite Vodka, Makers Mark whiskey, Bombay gin and Casamigos tequila. Then, just as Keurig is to single serve coffee, you put in a Bartesian cocktail mixologist pod for a high-end cocktail that’ll knock your socks off.

Bartesian loaded me up with a number of premium cocktail mix pods. I kept it busy and the Bartesian kept them pouring me a Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour and spicy Margarita to start off the cocktail menu. The finish with a Long Island Iced Tea that came in the classic collection mix was the best pour from any bartender.

What I really love is the ability to dial up the strength of your on demand drink. Not only is this great a conversation piece, it just works. I also can see our having some safe distance outside gatherings soon and giving people their own safe space to get any drink they want. Bartesian is the brilliant brainchild of founder Ryan Close and likely my favorite kitchen/bar add-on ever. Available on Amazon $349.85 at time of publishing.



Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phones are a hit

Let’s just go over the checklist of the perfect 5G phone for a moment since I have been using all three for the past 3 weeks. The Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and top end Galaxy S21 Ultra are all the biggest refinement to the best Galaxy line ever.

Checklist highlights for the range of Galaxy S21 phones put Samsung ahead of the rest.

  • 5G
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built into the glass of the display to unlock with or without a mask on
  • Prices $200 lower than previous year’s model
  • Truly breath-taking 6.8 inch OLED high resolution display on the S21 Ultra that spills elegantly over the edges making it feel like you’ve got the future in your hand
  • 4 rear cameras capable of either making you a Hollywood star or winning you awards for the 8K video resolution they record and you can grab high-res images from a video still to turn into a photo.
  • Snapping your best looking photos comes easy with the 10X optical zoom lens on the S21 Ultra that gives you a reason to point upward to capture the stars as it comes closer to a telescope than any phone in history.

The new Galaxy S21 line is has others chasing it with some of the early to market features including the in-screen finger sensor, brilliant 120Hz OLED display that makes video, gaming and animations smoother than ever before and it is downright super fast.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have just come out a few weeks ago. These three smartphones are the most stunning Samsung has introduced ever and are hitting the sweet spot for the money. The Galaxy S21 line is $200 lower than last year’s models. And exclusively at Samsung.com, you can get a device that’s built to order in custom colors to make it your own.



SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones $99

Designed by a doctor, SleepPhones aim to be the world’s most comfortable, bed-friendly headphones. Wear a onesie, put on these SleepPhones and you are set for a great slumber. If you need to sleep comfortably all snuggled up warm for the rest of the night without any disturbances, this is the gadget for you!
The speakers inside the fabric headband adjust for the right fit. Hold the power button for 5 seconds to pair SleepPhones to your phone or any bluetooth device. Remove from velcro enclosure before machine washing the headband. Recharge with the included micro-USB.

What I really like are the 12 hours of various sleep recordings on youtube like White Noise. I’m already a big fan of a little known wellness music app called Calm Radio that has soothing channels of commercial free music like Spa and nature. They really help with anyone trying to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without being awoken by snoring in the middle of the night. I sleep like a baby and cannot wait to take the SleepPhones to go on a long-haul flight.

SleepPhones are comfortable, easy to use and have volume controls built into the band’s bluetooth module for easy adjustment. For those who sleep warm, try the fleece fabric. Breeze fabric headband is more breathable and moisture-wicking especially if you decide to use for exercise like running. Available on Amazon $99.95 at time of publishing in multiple colors.


Limited Edition Puffer HUG $39.99

The thing that really makes this special is sending a warm HUG to people you love.. And this includes cute Valentine candy hearts and a QR code that takes you to the “At Home Valentine’s Day Guide”. Folks willl find exclusive food and cocktail recipes, gams, and activities for Valentine’s Day at home, a list of top Rom Coms to watch, a PLAYFUL Valentine’s Day music playlist and more. Discount code “FOX” gets you 10% off while supplies last.


Utilmedic In-Car Phone Sanitizer with Charging

Perfect companion for any distance car ride to leave germs behind. The Utilmedic UV light sanitizer eleimates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Eight UV-C LED lights with 360 degree immersion washes over any phone you put inside while the wireless fast charging pad puts a recharge on smartphones with wireless charging capabilities. The external silicon pad keeps it from scratching anything as it stays in place. Simply plug into your car’s 12 volt plug to power the Utilimedic UV Light Sanitizer available at Amazon and priced at $84.42 at the time of publishing this article.


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