Apple Urges Software Update as Security Threat Hits iPhone and iPad

Apple Urges Software Update as Security Threat Hits iPhone and iPad

by Kurt Knutsson

Two big threats confirmed by Apple after releasing a fix inside the latest iOS and iPadOS software version 14.4 update.

How to Update iPhone and iPad Software Now

Tap Settings from your Home Screen > tap General > Software Update

While performing this important update,  you can also quickly adjust the software updates setting to install software automatically by switching it on in this same screen of your iPhone and iPad.

If you don’t update software that includes a fix to these security vulnerabilities, two bad things could happen.

First a hacker could take control of your iphone or iPad remotely from anywhere in the world and do whatever you could do with your device. A hacker can use this vulnerability to impersonate you, control home connected devices, and access super private and personal information.

The second threat is like a sleeper cell planted inside your phone that can be activated remotely at a later time to take control of your iPhone or iPad, spy and create really unpleasant havoc.

Apple seldom is this vocal about urging a security update leading me to suspect this is a more serious problem if not addressed immediately.

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