New NullMixer malware will spy and steal your personal info

New NullMixer malware will spy and steal your personal info

Beware of the new NullMixer malware infecting computers with spyware

by Leslie Pedder

Need another reason to stop downloading software illegally?  We’ve covered what the risks are of downloading “free” programs before and this week cybersecurity firm Kaspersky released more news that there is another malware called Nullmixer which can do some serious damage.  Nullmixer is malware used to steal credentials, addresses, credit card data, cryptocurrencies, and access to your social media accounts by installing numerous Trojans.

What is malware?

Malware is software specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

What are Trojans?

Trojans are malware hidden in what appear to be well-known programs or apps which, once installed, are used to gain access to the victim’s devices. These programs may look like familiar apps such as ‘Facebook’ or ‘Amazon,’ but they are actually fake apps.

How does the Nullmixer malware work?

Nullmixer attaches itself to illegally downloaded software from third-party websites, attacking users by capturing any information you type on your keyboard. These third-party and untrustworthy sites attack users by not only granting them access to the ‘free’ software but, also infecting their devices with malware. NullMixer poses an extreme threat to your online personal safety because of its ability to download large numbers of Trojans at once. To put it simply, the larger the number of Trojans, the bigger the infection to your devices.

NullMixer Malware on PC

Credit: Kaspersky

When trying to download the ‘free’ software the user is redirected to a website that contains a password-protected archived program and detailed instructions for installation of the software. Once the user clicks the disguised link for what they believe is the software they want, they are tricked into following detailed instructions which force the Nullmixer malware to launch on your device without you knowing. This launch can be detrimental to your machine as it allows for multiple malware files to download on your machine, including spyware, backdoors, and many other threats. The illegally downloaded program may look and function normally but beware of NullMixer attacking your devices.

Beyond the usual cyber threat of malware, Nullmixer drops a few specific malware programs onto your computer like RedLine stealer and Disbuk/Socelar. RedLine steals credit card and cryptocurrency data from your infected machine, while the Disbuk/Socelar malware steals cookies from Facebook and Amazon, gaining access to the victim’s credentials, payment details, and address.

How is the Nullmixer malware finding users?

Cybercriminals are using professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to stay high or first on the list of search engines, so they can easily be found when searching for keywords like ‘crack,’ ‘crack software,’ and ‘keygens.’ Using these keywords is crucial for cybercriminals to assume you’ll think if it appears at the top of the search results, it must be legit, when in fact it’s not.


Credit: Kaspersky

How to avoid Nullmixer malware?

So you may be able to download the software you want for ‘free,’ but at what cost? With malware threats like Nullmixer, you are at the mercy of cybercriminals. Refrain from downloading software from unknown sites to avoid cyber threats. Continue to stay safe and protected by only downloading licensed products and using antivirus protection.

How to protect yourself

  1. Stop downloading illegal software. When you attempt to do this, you are opening yourself up to cyber threats.
  2. Always keep your iOS or Android software up to date.
  3. Keep your browsers up to date.
  4. By far the smartest protection is to install good security protection on all of your devices for the best protection. My top pick is TotalAV (Limited time deal: $19 your first year (80% off). More: Best Antivirus Protection in 2022 found here.


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