The Road Trip Reinvention

The Road Trip Reinvention

by Kurt Knutsson
Road Trip Tech: Outdoorsy

Who doesn’t love road trips?! They are an amazing way of seeing the country and you can stop to do so many different activities along the way. Admittedly, not all of the trips I’ve been on have gone smoothly — I’ve broken down in the middle of Ohio, got hail damage in Texas, and have been lost too many times to count! But, it’s all worth it because then you’ve got stories to tell and experiences to learn from. Plus, nowadays there are tonnes of gadgets that can help you improve your road trips. So, it’s time your next road trip gets an upgrade. For good reason, people are rethinking how to own a motorhome (learn more here), have fun on the road, save money along the way, and record the whole thing on the latest dashcam.


Our CyberGuy Kurt Knutsson shows us how to rethink and reinvent a road trip with the easiest access to 38,000 RVs along with the goodies that make it fun, safe and money-saving.

Road Trip Reinvention #1

Leave your own set of wheels at home. makes it a joy to hit the road. Outdoorsy is the easiest way to rent an RV or campervan online.

Usually when you think of an RV, you think of having to spend tons of money buying one or going to a traditional rental company where you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Today, Outdoorsy is the only way you want to think about getting an RV. is a website where you can search and find thousands of different vehicles – from campervans to pop-ups and airstreams – and the perfect RV for you. Rent it for a day, a weekend or a week long road trip. Message the owner and coordinate directly with them.

And Outdoorsy’s also gives you permission to buy your own dream RV – and when you’re not using it, you can list it on the Outdoorsy marketplace and make money. So you’re not wasting money on a big ticket item – you’re creating a business opportunity for your family. Anybody can get started. This summer, for the ultimate road trip, rent one and try it. The average RV rental is $129/day or $775/week from

Road Trip Reinvention #2

Nextbase, the world’s leading Dash Cam manufacturer of what is now the fastest growing consumer technology category, launched their award-winning, best-selling Dash Cam range to the United States in October and is launching their Series 2 range now with world-first features that include: Alexa Auto Built-in, Emergency SOS and AutoSync.

As the fastest growing consumer technology category at the moment, and as the independent witness on the road, ensuring motorists safety and security in case of an incident, a Nextbase Dash Cam will keep you ahead of the tech trends this year.

Nextbase Dash Cams are the most user-friendly on the market, with a simple Click & Go mount, a non-tech driver could easily turn on the Dash Cam, mount behind the rear view mirror, plug in to the car and forget it is ever there. It is your eyes on the journey, our eyes on the road.

It is also worth noting that Nextbase is currently in final negotiations with multiple US insurers to replicate their success overseas as the pioneer of the ‘Dash Cam Policy Discount’ – offering motorists a significant discount off of their insurance premiums when installing a Nextbase Dash Cam into their vehicles.

Nextbase 322GW $149.99 and my favorite one, the Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam $229.99 from Nextbase.

Road Trip Reinvention #3

It pays to download free apps for stops along the route of your road trip, especially if it’s newest version of Pilot Flying J app that lets you plan your trip within their free app. Better yet, download the app and you are guaranteed to save money with discounts at the 750 Pilot Flying J travel center locations throughout North America.

Pilot Flying J app has even more built-in features like:
– Get a free coffee or fountain drink just by signing in
– Daily deal & app-only offers
– Mobile fueling that unlock gas pump and saves 3 cents a gallon on gas or diesel
– Reserve a shower by app

Pilot Flying J is the largest travel center network in North America and their newly launched app is free on iOS and Android.

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Clay May 18, 2019 - 4:51 am

Hey Kurt, I am looking for these dash cams you recommend on your site. The two you have listed are the 322GW and 522GW. Is this a misprint? On the NEXTBASE site, they have 312GW, 512GW, and 612GW.

BigDog Velasquez May 18, 2019 - 4:53 am

The NEXTBASE 522GW DASH CAM sounds great, but not available in US yet?

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