Holiday Gift Guide for Dad: The Tech Dads Love Most

Holiday Gift Guide for Dad: The Tech Dads Love Most

by Kurt Knutsson

He’s one of the toughest guys on the holiday shopping list. Even Santa has to check his list two or three times to make sure dad is getting what he really wants. Here is another one of my holiday gift guides catered to dad with five guaranteed fun ideas that will put a smile on his face as he unwraps any of these gifts.

Star Wars Collector Drones from Propel

OMG, these are a blast, and a great upgrade from the usual star wars gifts for men that we see (although we totally love those for stocking stuffers or smaller gifts). Dad will be flying one of the three Star Wars battle drones at speeds of 30MPH in minutes from unwrapping. Go solo or play other Star Wars Battle drones in a multiplayer fun moment that could make Darth Vader yearning to fly alongside. What I love about these is the fun. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in skill set, it’s a thrill! The more you fly, the easier the acrobatic moves get to make. When not flying, any of the drones feel like a work of art and precision in detail and quality. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond starting at $129.

Apple TV 4K

The newest Apple TV with thousands of apps takes a leap forward with the best resolution in 4K and HDR. 4K simply means four times the number of pixels on the tv. HDR or high dynamic range improves the quality of the pixels. What that means to you and me, is incredible and vivid color detail. You can pick out the texture and shadows in the snow of a 4K aerial of a mountain from one of Apple TV’s popular highdef screen savers. And now Apple and Amazon are playing nice nice which means in addition to most popular streaming sources like Hulu, ESPN and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video app just came to the Apple TV. $179 32GB, $199 64B

Tile Slim & Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker 4-pack

Never lose anything ever again. I keep a Tile in my messenger bag that I take around with me more than any other bag. I know someone else put one on their bike and was able to recover it when a thief took off with it. The newest slimmer Tile Slim makes it easier to think of other places to use it. I’m adding it to my other luggage and inside my wallet. When other Tile powered phones come near, it’s location is updated. Very smart for people like me who moves around a lot and leaves stuff everywhere. Tile Slim & Tile Mate 4-pack $49

Studebaker Retro Cassette Player and mixtapes

Just holding this brings back amazing memories and transports me in time. Older music formats like cassettes are making a comeback so I paired this with one of the Guardian of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix tapes. It comes with an AC adapter and gets portable with 6 C cell batteries. Studebaker Retro Cassette Player $35 and
Guardian of the Galaxy mix tape $9


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