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Big ‘N Tall iPad Air Plus

by Kurt Knutsson

Leaked iPad Air PlusLeaked schematics could signal a 12.2 inch iPad on the way.

If Apple calls a big daddy size version of the iPad rumored to be in the works the “iPad Air Plus” or “IPad Pro” or even “Big daddy” I want it.

Schematics of a much larger iPad than the current iPad Air have surfaced in a Japanese tech magazine Mac Fan. The designs show dimensions of 12 inches by 8.7 inches and just .28 inches thick.

Video showing what the mocked up iPad 12.2 inch size looks like next to familiar sized Apple products gives us a little perspective on the larger iPad concept.

I have long dreamed of a super thin, lightning fast, iPad that is the size of a sheet of letter paper. Make it waterproof and bendable with a battery that lasts forever and now I’d be in sheer bliss. A guy can dream, right? Back here on the ground outside of my imagination, Apple could also be installing 4 speakers in the next larger iPad if the leaked designs are indeed true. That would make for an improved audio experience over traditional iPads.

A source claiming to be in the know, Mac Otakara, is claiming that the big iPad Air Plus and a new iPad mini 4 could launch sometime in April to June. Others argue that date is a bit ambitious since so much production is currently focused on churning out supply of the popular iPhone 6 Plus that continues to outsell the iPhone 6 and just about every other smartphone at this moment. The company does pride itself on quality products, so it’s likely that they will take their time with this product launch. Normally, most product launches don’t happen when they’re planned anyway, so it’s likely that it might be a little while yet. Of course, the company has already concept tested the idea of a new iPad, so they know that there is a market for the product. Readers can always find more info on concept testing here if they’d like.

It makes sense for Apple to go big. Microsoft’s release of the Surface Pro 3 is getting closer to a larger tablet I actually like… almost. Recently, a producer asked me if I was familiar with the Microsoft Surface tablet. My answer: “Yes. It makes for an outstanding frisbee.” Try as they might, I’ve not been a fan until getting my hands on a Surface Pro 3. It’s as close as Microsoft has gotten at ripping off the iPad to date.

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