Apps and gadgets can help you learn how to sleep better.

Getting the right number of Zzzzs depends on your own feeling of rest. For most people the sweet spot each night is 7 hours even though experts say we should be getting 8 hours. Fall below 7 hours of winks and your health could decline and you may need to look into things like CBD (look at for more information on this) or even apps can help you sleep better. Some apps could be counterproductive and evidence suggests too much information about your sleep can create anxiety and a further loss of good rest. Some apps, like Sleepify, can be helpful as they are simply sleep calculators, so if you are unsure how much sleep you need, you can just ask the sleep calculator how many hours? This can be useful as it calculates how many cycles of REM sleep you will get throughout the night to feel the most rested. As well as using apps to get better sleep, you may also want to consider the idea of your mattress being a part of problem. If you think this is the case, you could look into a site like Leesa where you can purchase high quality mattresses and bedding for you and your family.
The idea of wearing bands and other devices to measure your sleep is so last year. Here are the latest breakthrough tools that do more for a good night’s rest without needing to wear anything at all.

4 Ways To Sleep Better And Dream More Eight

Uninterrupted Sleep

New breakthroughs including a crowd-funded device called The Eight may finally help insomniacs make it through the night with uninterrupted sleep. The Eight is perhaps to most advanced mattress cover loaded with sensors that analyze 15 factors to identify conditions to help you get good sleep. They fit over most standard mattress sizes, but it’s always better to spend time researching mattresses before buying them, as they can also make a big difference to how well you sleep. Get more info

It’s a whole new approach taking the best of sleep tracking and rethinking what is possible. The Eight can talk to a Nest thermostat for example. If it senses your body and bed temperature rising to high, it can lower your thermostat keeping you in REM instead of waking up in the middle of the night.

With the Eight being a connected part of your home, imagine your bed signaling the morning coffee to brew when it senses you are getting ready to start the day. Get ready, because its a reality with a pre-order start price of $99.

4 Ways To Sleep Better And Dream More Beddit

Analyzing Data about your Sleep Cycles

Beddit is another non-wearable sleep device. You lay the thin tape-like white ribbon under your sheet and with your Apple iOS or Android smartphone within bluetooth range, it monitors your vitals and reveals data to help you learn more about your sleep cycles so that you can get a better night sleep by using tips for tweaking some things that could be getting in the way of a good snooze.

How much is a good night sleep worth? Beddit thinks at least $129 according the current price tag of the device. The free companion Beddit sleep app is worth noting that it amongst the easiest to follow.

4 Ways To Sleep Better And Dream More - S+ Resmed

Soothes You to sleep based on your Breathing

S+ from ResMed sits on your nightstand listening to your room while you sleep, remember the lighting, measuring how well you are sleeping. Thousands of hours of sleep testing have taught us how to develop sleep tools like a feature on the S+ called Relax to Sleep mode. It soothes you to sleep helping you wind down by playing sounds that match your breathing and help calm you into slumber. The companion app takes you into one of the most advanced sleep apps that ultimately help you achieve the highest sleep score. $150

4 Ways To Sleep Better And Dream More - Dream On App

Can an app influence which dreams you have? Apparently there is some evidence pointing to that idea inside the Dream:ON app (iOS). It was developed by physiologists with two things in mind. 1) Sleep and 2) Dreams. How it works is by guiding your mind when you sleep through dreamscape themes sold within the app. Once downloaded, here is what you will do.

Step 1. Choose Your Dream from the main menu
Step 2. Set the Alarm wakeup time
Step 3. Pick a Soundscape
Step 4. Set phone face down on corner of bed

And while lack of sleep is nothing new, today 60% of adults say they have trouble sleeping at least one night per week. With any luck, these sleep technologies could have you feeling more rested than ever before.

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