What to know about renting the perfect RV anywhere in the world.

So many of our friends are discovering RVing and falling in love. A lot of people like to buy their own, which is understandable – particularly if they are getting out in the RV regularly. Of course, you need to make sure you have somewhere suitable to store it if you decide to purchase one. If you have a big enough driveway or garage then that will be fine, but if not you may want to look into storage units. You can find many different sizes at Wildhorse Self Storage, including 10×30 storage units (although you may need slightly bigger for your RV).

But there is also a lot of people who choose just to rent an RV. My buddy Dave rented his first RV and 4 months later bought one. Now he’s earning revenue by adding it onto Outdoorsy for others to enjoy. He has a love of travel and seems to get as much joy in an RV now with his family of 5 and also in sharing his new RV with renters from Outdoorsy.


Road Rule #1 Rent the right RV

Outdoorsy is the world’s largest and most trusted RV rental platform

Skip the learning curve and go straight to Outdoorsy. 93% of renters are first time RVers and Outdoorsy has every type of RV and trailer you could dream up.

From camper vans, airstreams, teardrop trailers to any size motorhomes, RV bookings are up 400% from the same period last year according to Outdoorsy. RV and trailer rentals have skyrocketed as people have an urge to get out of the house and rent an RV, camper van or travel trailer. Outdoorsy makes it incredibly easy and safe to travel where you can find a vehicle that fits your personal style, personality and travel needs. 60% of Outdoorsy RV owners will deliver your rental to you.

And for those who own an RV, don’t let it sit in the driveway or collect dust in storage. It’s free and easy to list your RV on Outdoorsy.com and in just a few clicks, you can see how much extra money you could be making. The average RV and camper van owner can make $36,000 a year by renting out their vehicle. The RV owner who provided me the 25′ Mercedes Sprinter Winnebago is doing so well that she bought 7 more and has made it a business earning over $300K in revenue so far.

My buddy Dave who bought a similar sized RV just rented his out for the first time and said that the Outdoorsy listing process was super easy, the Outdoorsy support team are amazing to deal with and that its a total win-win for everyone.


We’ve had long passionate discussions about the right gear to bring along for the perfect RV road trip and it starts with some road rule basics.

Credit: Dave Fleming

Road Rule #1 Keep everyone connected

Some of the greatest destinations are far off the beaten path where cell signal weak, but the desire to connect with technology is still strong for everyone on a road trip. A cell phone signal booster made just for the RV is the perfect solution to keep you connected powerfully regardless of which wireless carrier you use. It is especially good at boosting a mobile hotspot which we can all agree combined with an unlimited data plan is the best way to go with an RV.

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV cell signal booster

PC Magazine calls it Best RV Cell Phone Signal Booster for 2020 and what I know is that its the go-to cellular booster that delivers faster data speeds, better call clarity and more reliable voice and 4G LTE data speeds on the open road.

Extends your cell phone coverage for your safety when traveling and to stay connected to family and friends You can quickly access maps, weather and news apps. Everyone can email, work, even go to zoom school lessons and stay connected with loved ones.

The power it brings to stream music and video from remote areas is really the top RV selling point. Let’s face it, some of the most magical destinations are not necessarily near populated areas with multiple cell phone towers. The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV boosts the weakest cell signal and is easily shared anywhere inside the RV.

Where to Buy SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV signal booster


Credit: Dave Fleming

Road Trip Rule #2 Bring your home streaming device

Apple TV or Roku Player

Rather than spend extra money on another streaming device, consider just grabbing an extra HDMI cable for one you already own. Most RVs are rented with HDMI ready TVs that allow you to easily connect and stream videos along your journey from anywhere on the road. You’ll find it an essential form of entertaining yourself and the entire family. Buy a spare travel HDMI cable here.


Road Trip Rule #3 BYOD Bring your own drive

Ruggedized G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile SSD

Keep access to your important data while away from home and have space to offload the inevitable videos and photos you are going to take on the trip.

The ruggedized G-Technology-brand G-DRIVE mobile SSD features transfer speeds up to 560MB/s and a backward compatible USB-C™ port to deliver high-performance storage.

Ultra-fast, durable, and portable this is great for video, audio, photo, and document backup storage for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Perfect for the toughest RV road trip conditions with water and dust resistance, 3 Meter drop protection and 1,000 lb crushproof rating. The G-DRIVE Mobile SSD starts in 500GB capacity and is available at retailers like Amazon and directly here.


Road Trip Tip #4 Know the best apps before you plan your trip

Harvest Hosts app takes you off the beaten path to amazing locations

Harvest Hosts has a $79 per year membership that unlocks access to park your RV at wineries, breweries, farms and museums across the US. and Canada. There are currently over 1,270 off the beaten path destinations to plan a stay away from crowded campgrounds. Consider the pros of privacy and a richer experience away from crowds balanced with the cons that include no RV hookups and no tents allowed. So if you thought you might enjoy sleeping outside the RV under the stars, it’s not allowed. Upgrading for another $40 per year opens access to golf courses and country clubs.

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