Delete this popular task manager app right away if you’re an Android User

Delete this popular task manager app right away if you’re an Android User

The dangerous app will steal your banking information

by Jenna Roach

Another week, another warning against a dangerous Android app you should delete.

Cyber experts at Zscaler ThreatLabz are warning all Android users to check their phones ASAP to ensure they don’t have a popular task management app installed, urging everyone who does have it to delete it immediately.

What Android app should you delete and what does it do?

The app to delete is Todo: Day Manager, which has been flagged after installing a dangerous banking trojan malware called Xenomorph. The malware can seize your banking information and even gain access to your private SMS messages by intercepting your two-step verification codes to raid your logins.

The experts found that the malware is dropped in as a fake Google Service application from the internet hosting service GitHub as soon as Todo is installed. It sneakily starts by asking users to enable access permission. Once that permission is granted, it will add itself as a device admin and won’t allow users to disable it.

If you have the app installed but did not grant access permission to the malware, then you should be able to delete the app without any issues. If you did grant access, you may have to back up your files and factory-reset your phone to get rid of the app.

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How can I protect myself against malware in the future?

You must always remain on the lookout for suspicious-looking activity appearing on your devices. You can take these extra precautionary steps to make sure that you avoid malware-stricken apps at all times.








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