A new iPhone 14 for free?! Yes, for a limited time here are the best deals

A new iPhone 14 for free?! Yes, for a limited time here are the best deals

You can get up to $1,000 off your iPhone 14 or even upgrade for free with trade-in deals from your phone plan

by Kurt Knutsson and Nora Hogan

As quickly as Apple announced the launch of four new iPhone 14 models at their recent “Far Out” Launch Event,  there are already deals galore when it comes to upgrading to one of the latest smartphones.

With the 4 iPhone models announced, many of the popular wireless plans have trade-in offers to convince you to switch to the iPhone 14 including Verizon, T-Mobile (Sprint is now part of T-Mobile), and AT&T.  Apple’s newest lineup includes their latest technology, with two of the phones offering a powerful new A16 chip, and all of the phones boasting new cameras.

We’ve found the best promotions from the top wireless carriers and broken down all of the exciting new features of the four brand-new iPhones.


iPhone 14


What wireless deals are being offered?


  • Apple has an exclusive consumer phone plan deal with Verizon, offering a plan called One Unlimited for iPhone. The plan is called Apple One and it bundles together Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+.  The One Unlimited for iPhone plan is worth $480 annually in value and starts at $90 a month.
  • If you preorder the iPhone 14 from Verizon, you can get up to $1,000 off with select plans. Other trade-in plans allow you to upgrade and get up to $800 off the new iPhone 14 with 5G Unlimited plans.

Pre-order now at Verizon: Get up to $1,000 off iPhone 14. Plus, 20% off screen protectors and cases

…FYI, if you’re going to skip the iPhone 14 model, there are some deals on iPhone 13 and 12 you may consider:

Best wireless phone plans




AT&T is the most specific when it comes to requirements, but if you need to sign up for a new plan, you’ll get a great deal.

  • You can get an iPhone 14 Pro, Plus, or regular iPhone 14 for free from AT&T when you buy a new and qualifying unlimited plan and trade in your smartphone.   Get deal here.
  • Or get an iPhone 14 Pro Max for up to $1,000 off if you trade in and get a qualifying plan. Get deal here.

Pre-Order now at AT&T



  • If you have the T-Mobile Magenta MAX plan, Business Unlimited Advanced, Ultimate, or Ultimate+ for iPhone, you can get up to $1,000 off (which covers the cost of an iPhone 14 Pro) with a trade-in, and they’ll throw in Apple TV+ for free.
  • If you don’t have one of these T-Mobile or equivalent Sprint plans, you can get up to $500 off any of the iPhone 14s, which covers half of an iPhone 14 Pro. You will have to trade in a device and you’ll be credited on your phone bill for 24 months.
  • T-Mobile also is offering a second iPhone 14 for free if you purchase one and add a line to your T-Mobile plan.

Pre-Order now T-Mobile


Metro by T-Mobile

Beginning September 16, anyone can get $200 off the iPhone 14 from Metro by T-Mobile via instant rebate when they switch and verify their ID on a qualifying plan.

More at T-Mobile on Sept. 16 and pre-order beginning September 9th.


Other new Apple products and features

Click here for all the coverage on the September Apple Launch event, including details on the new iPhone 14 series, the second-edition AirPod Pros, and Apple Watch models.

Catch up on 8 upcoming Apple iOS16 features I’m excited about



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