Apple patches big security flaws with iOS 15.3 and MacOS 12.2 updates

Apple patches big security flaws with iOS 15.3 and MacOS 12.2 updates

Here's what they fixed and how to update iPhone, iPad and Mac computers asap

by Kurt Knutsson

A significant web browsing leak in Safari gets a fix along with numerous security issues getting patched.

New operating software has become available for Apple’s most popular devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Macbook and Mac desktop computers.

The biggest flaw being fixed with these updates addressed a web browser bug in Safari that could give malicious apps and hackers access to monitor, record, and in some cases control data without authorization.

Apple outlines the security updates in greater detail in their release for macOS 12.2.

The iOS 15.3 update for iPhone addresses 10 fixes which includes the ability for a bad actor to gain control at the root level which is not at all good and unusual for Apple which historically has avoided similar security compromises.

This means  you will want to update all devices at your earliest opportunity.  Before you start anysoftware update, take a moment to backup your device first.


How to Update iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software

  1. Connect your device to power
  2. Connect to the internet using WiFi instead of cellular
  3. Go to Settings  >  General   > tap Software Update and follow the prompts to install the most current software available
  4. Tap Install Now or Download and Install and follow the screen guidance


How to Update Macbook and Mac computers with latest macOS software

  1. Click the Apple menu icon on the top left corner of your screen
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. Click Software Update
  4. Click Update Now 

Follow the screen prompts  to update your macOS which also updates all of Apple’s apps including Safari, Messages, Mail, Music, Photos, FaceTime and Calendar.

If your System Preferences window does not include Software Update, open the App Store blue icon on your dock.  In the sidebar on the left, click Updates.  Then click Update next to an app to update only that app or click Update All to update everything at once (recommended).




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Lola February 17, 2022 - 12:49 pm

Will Apple be. Owing out with new iPhones and iPads?

Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson
Kurt Knutsson February 18, 2022 - 8:29 am

Hi Lola – Apple historically announces new iPhones in Sept/Oct each year with some variations sometimes in spring. iPad and iPad mini were updated in Sept 21. It’s possible we will see a new iPad Pro announcement in the spring next.

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