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3 Money Saving Summer Apps

by Kurt Knutsson

There’s a reason these apps have made it to the top of my list again even after we’ve all known about them for a while. Some are refreshed and new. And with that spanking new feeling comes smarter money-saving apps for your financial well-being.

Saving money is easy with some of my favorite ways to use these common apps. Thank goodness for progress and app developers that stick with something good and make it even better.


As gas prices rise during summer demand, GasBuddy app is still there pointing the way to cheapest fuel prices for all grades of gas and diesel. You get the best results in bigger cities where the app says you could save as much as $340 a year by following where and when to buy gas. One of my favorite features is the price hike alert which warns you to fill-up before prices are predicted to increase. GasBuddy iOS | Android


The personal finance app started by 20-something entrepreneur Aaron Patzer blew up paying for finance software with his free web-based finance service, Mint.com After Intuit purchased Mint, credit card accounts were linked letting you control your money and monitor spending up close with automatic features once manually performed by bookkeepers.

Today, Mint is powerful free finance tool that let’s you keep an eye on spending, income and net worth. It shows where your money is going, alerts you when over budget, helps you avoid late fees.  Mint iOS | Android


Say buh-bye to all-in-one printer/scanners. Office Lens app turns your smartphone into a flatbed scanner. Put Office Lens to work by snapping a pic of document, receipt and business cards. The best part is that it converts what it scans into digital information that you want like text, data or a PDF. It can even decipher handwritten notes using optical character recognition technology. Once Office Lens scans it, you can move into popular apps like Word, Powerpoint and OneNote.   Office Lens  iOS | Android

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