4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download

4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download

by Kurt Knutsson

4 Back To School Apps Parents Should Download

Looking for a smart way to get a leg up on your new school year? There are now plenty of sites out there on the internet that can help you and your kids get the school year off to a flying start (one being bookwormhub for when you get stuck on homework and need some expert help), so make sure you’re using them all! You could also look at online tools that could help your children (or you) save, share and convert important files like assignments and projects into the required format. Knowing how to convert a Powerpoint to PDF could come in handy for your kid’s school year!

However, for now you can check out my picks for the best apps to use as a parent below.

4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download

1) Here Comes The Bus app (Free: iOS & Android)
School systems are adopting a GPS technology to reduce parents frayed morning nerves when getting the kids out the door to meet the school bus. Here Comes the Bus is an easy-to-use app that lets you view the real-time location of your child’s bus on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With Here Comes the Bus app, you can send your child to the bus stop at just the right time, helping to avoid missed buses or long waits in freezing temperatures, pouring rain, the hot sun or rush-hour traffic. Check to see if you school has added this new free app to the list.

4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download and Quizlet

2) Quizlet app (free iOS & Android)
Quizlet makes simple tools that let you study anything, anywhere. Download the FREE app to:

  • Study on the go
  • Play games that make learning fun
  • Create your own flashcards (or search millions created by others)
  • Improve your study habits
  • Study with images and audio, great for all learning styles

4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download and myhomework student planner

3) myHomework Student Planner app (free iOS, Android, Mac App, Windows, & Kindle Fire)
This is the best way to keep track of all homework assignments and manage your time to get them done. No more excuses that your dog ate your homework when you have the power of this app nagging you to better grades.

4 Back to School Apps Parents Should Download and Level Money

4) Level Money app (free iOS & Android)
Level takes the hassle out of budgeting, which is especially helpful if you’ve never had to manage your own money before. The app let’s you see what’s “spendable” based on your budget along with connecting to your bank and credit cards and automatically tracking your spending and income. What you spend on bills is subtracted from your income to determine how much money you should part with each day.

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