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[Podcast EP #13] How to Rent Your Summer

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00:53 The experiment that worked

01:37 Joe Fernandez CEO JoyMode took in 16.7M funding for membership based rental program

02:36 Smartest way to rent a scooter complete with helmet and scooter bag for entire weekend

03:33 Not a cook? No problem. How to get a brunch kitchen and serving kit delivered

03:45 How to get a party bundle with everything you need delivered

04:30 Reason there is a market for JoyMode

04:50 What comes in a backyard movie night bundle for $95 for the weekend

05:40 Why my garage is full but should be emptied now

06:44 Why we won’t buy big ticket stuff in the future

07:13 Get My Boat connects boat owners with boat enthusiast all around the world

09:00 How to find the least expensive JetSki and SeaDoo

09:40 Nostalgic 1933 yacht goes for $125/hour

10:30 Meeting interesting people, like RV owner Rick and why he wants to rent it to other fun people

11:22 What’s in it for RV owners at Outdoorsy

11:45 Why an RV turns down an RV rental

12:00 How your kids will want to drop their devices with camping

12:45 What you get in a Mercedes Sprinter RV

14:40 11 1/2 months of the year RV are sitting around

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[Podcast EP #12] Best Senior Medical Tech And Caring Tools

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03:01 What works and making a plan

03:16 Hiring the right caregivers

04:21 The tech needed and owning the experience

04:45 Getting started caring for a senior

05:20 First tech to get for your senior’s home

07:30 The medical devices that make a difference

08:10 Accuracy and speed of data is important

09:04 Why Apple Heath is the leader

09:20 What app does your medical center or hospital use

10:25 Medical grade EKG at home with no drama

13:00 ‘Alexa, call 911’

13:20 The Jitterbug phone is all grown up.. and smart

14:45 Uber for Seniors.. no app needed

15:18 How to order an Uber car without an app

16:00 Med pill dispensers

18:30 How much all this costs and why insurance companies should pay for it

18:55 Why Apple is ahead of most with Health, Care and Research

19:40 What doctors say is most important with using tech

20:00 How to navigate tech glitches and challenges

21:00 Preventing falls

22:00 Fall Prevention app

24:00 Check with your doctor

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[Podcast EP #11] The Tech Ticket to the Royal Wedding

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02:10 Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park’s Sarah Cairns shares details about her hotel’s legendary connection to the Royal Family where the Queen learned to dance

02:20 The secret Albert Gate royal entrance and how you can get permission from the Royal Parks to use it

03:55 Prince Harry’s charity Walking with the Wounded

04:50 Royal family’s social media account growth

05:35 How 2,640 members of the public are scoring tickets to the Windsor grounds outside the chapel to view wedding

07:15 What Prince Harry and Meghan will be called once married

07:22 How Amazon is playing a big ‘world first’ role in the Royal Wedding

05:20 How to see the names and relationship of guests walking into the St. George Chapel

08:40 The HD technology with 4 times the sharpness to see Meghan’s dress detail and texture

08:55 Terror technology preparation and the intense security you won’t see & why you should get ready to be frisked

09:45 What is Windsor Castle and when the Queen Mum calls it home

10:15 Listen to the bells at St. George’s Chapel

10:35 Where Prince William, the best man, has selected for post reception party for just 200 intimate guests

11:10 Top 4 Royal Wedding Apps and Sites

11:20 The 360 degree tour of Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel

11:50 How to score an exclusive evening tour to the State Apartments at Windsor Castle at night

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[Podcast EP #10] 5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

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Let me help you get your mind around these real life ways to make extra cash from home. Think ‘extra’ because while these are really good researched ideas, they are not get rich quick schemes nor are they likely to make you so wealthy that you’ll tell your boss off and quit your day job.

What these clever money making ideas will do, is add to your wallet for a little of your effort and know-how from home.

I’m talking to the stay at home moms and dads, students looking to supplement their income and anyone who wants to either create more spending dough or stash it away into your savings. All you are going to need is a little ambition and access to the internet.


00:40 What you need to make money from home online.

01:05 The two focus group sites that show you how to find focus groups online that pay you between $50 and a maximum of $500.

02:23 Become a writer, here’s how.

03:00 How to get paid to edit copy, translate languages and hitting the jackpot with Digital Strategy gigs that pay the most.

03:44 How much writers get paid and what earns you more than other writers.

04:18 Why users say it’s worth it.

04:45 How to get more than one writing assignment at a time to earn more.

05:15 How to get a higher star rating to make more.

05:28 How to get paid simply for creating a list of ten things.

06:10 What lists get picked to earn you $100.

06:35 How to sell photos online.

07:10 How much you earn every time your photo is downloaded… again and again.

07:31 How to get your per photo rate boosted to make more.

08:17 Teach those children well. How you don’t have to be a teacher to get paid to teach.

08:48 Hello to my cousin Addison who could clean up teaching English online to Chinese students.

09:25 Part-time teacher made an extra $10,000

09:30 Requirements to become an online teacher.

10:00 How to become an online tutor for 50+ subjects or SAT prep.

10:35 Bonus plan for Military Spouse program members.

11:12 What you need to know after you apply.

11:28 On-demand tutoring versus Scheduled tutor sessions.

12:05 Why you need to pay attention to the mentor.

12:28 Not smart? No problem. Get paid to walk outdoors and I’m not kidding.

13:09 How to cash in and get paid.

14:07 How much walking you need to do to earn an iPhone X.

15:15 Overall Tips to Succeeding at making money online.

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[Podcast EP #9] Never Again Let Your Phone Do This on a Flight

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I will never make this mistake again with my smartphone. Smartphone crushing incidents are on the rise onboard commercial flights around the world. Phones that slip into airline seats are getting damage to the lithium-ion batteries that power these devices and creating a fire hazard. In fact, listen to how one smartphone caught on fire on a Qantas 747 flight and what crews are trained to do if an electronic device starts to smolder and catch fire.


00:36 Which seats are eating phones

01:30 When never to adjust your seat onboard

01:47 How a phone on a Qantas flight caught fire

03:00 What crews are trained to do when phones and lithium battery fires happen onboard

03:30 The most dangerous batteries

04:30 What are most popular causes of lithium battery fires

05:22 Why a runaway lithium battery fire scares me more than any other emergency onboard a flight

05:30 The drunk crazy Russian passenger smoking onboard

06:03 The smart airline first to restrict Smart Luggage that don’t have removable lithium-ion batteries

06:30 How to fly safely with lithium batteries

07:30 Why Lithium fire is a leading theory to the missing MH370 Boeing 777

08:20 Lithium chain reactions are the most dangerous fires

08:38 Traveling with spare batteries

09:30 The worst lithium-ion batteries and how to avoid them

09:53 Denver airport incident that caused TSA X-ray machine to catch fire

10:32 The dangers of eCigarettes

10:54 How rechargeable headphones burned a passenger’s neck

11:23 How crews are trained on safety protocols to deal with fires onboard

12:10 What hissing sounds mean coming from an electronic device

14:02 How you can help with an onboard fire

14:35 Are the airlines doing enough to keep us safe?

15:15 The safest ways to travel with lithium-ion batteries

16:35 Debate: What should be done to make it safer?

More on this topic here:

Never Again Let Your Phone Do This on a Flight


[Podcast EP #8] Privacy Guide from a CyberCrime Fighter

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00:20 143 Million victims in the U.S.
19.4 Billion lost to cyber criminals
19.8 hours is average time needed to recover from security/privacy incident

00:43 The group of people most prone to cyber criminals

04:40 What scares this digital wonder woman who is certified identify theft risk management specialist

05:38 Why WiFi is one of the latest threats facing anyone

06:00 What information is vulnerable on public wifi networks

06:27 Who wants our personal data

07:57 Looks like a coupon, acts like trouble maker

09:00 What to do if you click on maliciously suspicious email

10:35 What’s in malware

11:30 When malware becomes ransomware

12:15 Should you pay ransom if your data is held hostage?

13:!5 The one thing to do to fend off a ransomware attack

13:56 Why should I care about my personal data being shared when I have nothing to hide?

15:00 How to rethink keeping your digital footprint secure

15:35 Top online safety tips to know now

16:44 What do you need to know about the Dark Web

17:35 When your Social Security Number gets compromised

18:00 Avoid a hacker getting into “full account takeover mode”

19:20 Why to use a password manager

19:56 How to pick a strong password

20:40 What could go wrong with using a hotel’s unprotected WiFi network

21:33 How fraudsters break into home connected devices like thermostats, cameras

22:34 Unsolicited messages are more trouble on a smartphone

23:22 Use multi=platform protection software and services

24:00 What if one device in your network lets a hacker into the rest of your digital life

24:32 The next biggest threats

[Podcast EP #7] Are You For Sale on the Dark Web?

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You are the commodity on the internet. Americans’ personal information is under attack. Hackers are getting smarter at infiltrating our lives and this podcast will help you reclaim some of your personal privacy and help avoid getting suckered by cyber criminals.

Topics include:

06:08 What is the Dark Web? And are you for sale from hackers?

06:55 For those who say “I have nothing to hide, so I don’t care what hackers know about me.”

04:28 The Facebook breach that got swept under the rug.

05:01 What’s “hashing” and why you want to avoid it.

07:09 What cyber criminals want from you.

08:02 Why a hacker wants your email address.

08:39 What to do if you think your personal info has been hacked.

10:12 A quick check can see if any of your email addresses are being exploited.

11:04 New ways to spot intrusions into your home technology.

12:30 The worst thing hackers use to get at your information.

[Podcast EP #6] How to Get a Cheaper Airfare

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These are at the top of my list of tips and tricks to finding cheaper airfares.

I travel more than 300,000 miles a year including my weekly commute between NYC and LA. When you travel that much, you learn some of the best secrets that make flying the best it can be.

Listen as I share:
– my road warrior insights
– best travel tips
– how to book the flight most likely to offer a first class upgrade.
– 2 travel treasures I’ve never talked about but never leave home without.

Get out a pen, because this travel CyberGuy podcast is chock full of smart takeaways.

01:08 How many days out from your flight is the right time to purchase. I break down the best lead time for every season of travel.

01:39 The best day of the week to buy a ticket has changed.

01:56 Two cheapest days to fly during the week and the one most expensive day to avoid.

02:23 Understanding airfare fluctuation: How many times lowest airfare changes from the day it goes on sale to when the flight takes off.

03:12 When is the sweetspot for advance booking and why you should set a calendar alert for shopping airfares.

03:57 If you want a better price, follow these 3 tricks.

05:38 The site that United Airlines sued but lost …and what are hidden city ticket fares and when you want one.

07:20 Use this Gaming tool for cheaper tickets. This new free tool looks for legal loopholes to rebook a cheaper flight after you already ticketed.

08:33 How to find accidental super cheap fares. This site born after the founder found accidental ticket prices at ridiculously low prices. (for example New York to Paris prices at $1,018 during our research, but this site got same routes for $334)

10:20 The best 2 sources that show the best time to book a flight. Enter your destination and departure cities and it tells when ideal time to buy. The other is a downloadable app that keeps you informed.

11:28 How to avoid miserable flights.

12:25 What flight will most likely offer a first class upgrade. See what most airlines won’t show you. The raw data of flight inventory is extremely valuable especially when trying to find replacement flights after yours gets canceled, award flights and how many different fares are available for sale.

15:08 How to learn from the frequent fliers like the best geeks and what never to ask.

16:04 You’ve earned the miles, this service finds the way to use the lowest amount of your miles and points for the best flights in business, first or economy. How he does it still fascinates me.

20:30 The site airlines use to find cheap local hotels near the airport.

21:24 Free app that shows where to find everything in the terminal. From healthier food options, massages, identifying cleaner bathrooms to all sorts of resources. If you plan to spend any amount of time at the airport, this can turn a boring layover into an adventure.

More on my article page here: https://cyberguy.com/travel/new-low-price-airfare-tool/

More tricks to hacking airfares: https://cyberguy.com/travel/new-tricks-hacking-airfares/


[Podcast EP #5] Social Media Tool Could Catch a School Shooter

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It’s the technology credited with identifying school threats & giving parents and teachers an early warning to dangers. Bark, a downloadable app & platform uses machine language learning in its algorithm to identify school threats.

In this podcast, Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer joins me up in the loft to talk about two things:

1) How Bark is the leading social media monitoring technology for schools and parents.

2) What she has learned along the path of being involved in 4 tech startups.

While listening to the podcast, we hit the following key points at the times below:

00:20 – What is Bark?

00:41 – Titania Jordan CPO Bark

02:02 – What Bark monitors

08:01 – How Bark detected a school shooting threat

10:00 – How the Bark machine-learning algorithm flags threats

11:27 – How to get your kids to buy in being monitored


13:23 – Meet Titania Jordan the tech exec

14:15 – Women in Tech: Why Meg Whitman went from leading Mattel to eBay

15:00 – What got Titania first interested in tech

16:40 – How the smartest girl in science and math got distracted and then found her way back to focus on tech

17:10 – How to know you have found the right tech business to develop

19:20 – What older white men don’t know about women

20:45 – You’ve identified your business, attracted your team, now how to attract the money

21:10 – The biggest mistake startup leaders make with money

21:41 – What it takes to get from concept to startup stage and attract VCs

23:00 – Where to get free legal and business advice

24:10 – How to pick yourself up after you get knocked down in business

26:20 – How does her current venture Bark define success?

28:03 – What other colleagues and dreamers ask a tech exec the most

29:04 – When to turn off technology and find a balance in life

29:30 – Why she thinks sugar made work harder. Embracing Whole 30

31:38 – Nailing the perfect Elevator Pitch

33:00 – 5 of the craziest slang text terms being used by teens and what you should do when you hear them

More here:


[Podcast EP #4] 6 Must-Change Settings to Facebook ASAP

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Take these solid steps as soon as possible to get a handle on your personal data on Facebook. What we know is that only you care enough and have the power to reign in social media platforms from unleashing your life to data harvesters out to manipulate how you live. Don’t believe what Facebook’s own terms of service fine print once said, “you own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared.” That is completely false and utter B.S.

In this podcast I discuss:

  • New Facebook security concerns.
  • How is Facebook is sharing much more than you think.
  • Why you should never look at entertaining online quizzes the same way again.
  • The 6 steps you need to take immediately to limit the amount of your personal data being shared by Facebook including:

More here: (including a video demo)

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[Podcast EP #3] 5 Ways to a Great Night Sleep

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Take everything you know about sleeping drug ambien, natural supplement melatonin and the bad effects of blue light exposure before bedtime and set them aside.

The answer to a better night sleep may have just been invented according to what’s revealed to the world from the big consumer electronics show, CES 2018.

I’m always looking for new ways to make life better. And for the third of American adults who are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, these tech devices could help bring you back from your sleep deprived zombie world.

Check out my on air-segment about this topic here

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[Podcast EP #2] Rent What You Own to Make Extra Cash

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Technology is allowing us to earn some extra income with surprising items you may already own. The race is on for each of these companies to grow their platform large enough to disrupt the old and break into the on-demand peer to peer sharing economy.

On this CyberGuy podcast, I discuss new ways to earn money including renting out:

  • a parking space in your own driveway
  • your RV
  • your car
  • your bike, surfboard, skis and snowboard
  • your garage
  • a room in your home
  • designer clothing and handbags


  • 5 things to know before you rent out your belongings
  • shortcuts to making your listing more attractive to renters
  • how to avoid an airbnb nightmare

Check out my on air-segment about this topic here

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[Podcast EP #1] How the Feds Can Unlock Your iPhone

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Apple said it couldn’t do it.
The FBI said it failed too.
A third party forensics company in Israel succeeded at unlocking an iPhone.

On this CyberGuy podcast, I’m going to drill into:

  • How did a forensics team crack open a locked iPhone?
  • Does a tool that unlock iPhones make us safer?
  • How to make your passcode a whole lot stronger.
  • The 4 most dangerous passcodes easiest for hackers to guess.

Check out my on air-segment about this topic here

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