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How to Rent Your Summer Fun

by Kurt Knutsson

Why buy big ticket items when they are getting easier and less expensive to rent? That’s the whole idea behind many startups in the space of renting experiences instead of buying. We did an experiment outside of the studios in Manhattan. What could we rent at a reasonable price and have delivered to us smack dab in the big city.

Podcast #13: Renting fun gear from a bike, car, RV, grill, yacht, kayak, standup paddle board, photographer, waiter, and even a tiki party is now at your fingertips.

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00:53 The experiment that worked

01:37 Joe Fernandez CEO JoyMode took in 16.7M funding for membership based rental program

02:36 Smartest way to rent a scooter complete with helmet and scooter bag for entire weekend

03:33 Not a cook? No problem. How to get a brunch kitchen and serving kit delivered

03:45 How to get a party bundle with everything you need delivered

04:30 Reason there is a market for JoyMode

04:50 What comes in a backyard movie night bundle for $95 for the weekend

05:40 Why my garage is full but should be emptied now

06:44 Why we won’t buy big ticket stuff in the future

07:13 Get My Boat connects boat owners with boat enthusiast all around the world

09:00 How to find the least expensive JetSki and SeaDoo

09:40 Nostalgic 1933 yacht goes for $125/hour

10:30 Meeting interesting people, like RV owner Rick and why he wants to rent it to other fun people

11:22 What’s in it for RV owners at Outdoorsy

11:45 Why an RV turns down an RV rental

12:00 How your kids will want to drop their devices with camping

12:45 What you get in a Mercedes Sprinter RV

14:40 11 1/2 months of the year RV are sitting around

What I sourced for the rental experiment..and it was a blast doing it

  • Mercedes Sprinter Interstate super luxury RV
  • An awning
  • firepit
  • outdoor chairs and rug
  • bbq grill
  • 24 foot J boat sailboat with trailer
  • flytographer on-demand photographer to capture all the fun
    I had to stop there since we were running out of room to put all my outdoor fun.

Upgrading Your Selfies.  Uber of Pro Photographers = Flytographer

Flytographer is the on-demand method to find a professional photographer in a flash no matter where your travels take you.  Amanda showed up to snap away outside in our summer fun.

Netflix of Fun Gear  = Joymode

It is called Joymode, a membership warehouse of Willy Wonka-type fun that delivers to your door.  Not yet outside its roots in Los Angeles but planning to expand throughout North America.

Joymode Backyard Movie Night bundle

If Joymode were already in NYC, I would have added a barnyard full of fun like the outdoor movie night bundle, a complete birthday party kit, old fashioned popcorn machine, standup paddle boards, scooters, giant yard games, and a brunch kit that makes my kitchen ready to cook and serve a weekend brunch with friends.

AirBNB for RVs = Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is the invention of Jennifer Young and co-founder, CEO Jeff Cavins. They realized that RVs sat in driveways unused 11 1/2 months out of the year.  Now Outdoorsy is seeing millennials discover the value of RVing, expanding globally and already hit a benchmark of 500,000 RV rentals.  They sent Rick Bouchier with his luxury Mercedes Sprinter Interstate RV to share how a 3 day weekend with friends or family could cost about $1100 all in. And leave you with priceless memories from the great outdoors.

Yachting on a budget = GetMyBoat

Get My Boat is the leader in a global network matching boat owners with water enthusiasts in 184 countries.  Right now there are listings for 108,000 boat rentals of all types and sizes from kayaks to motor yachts.  This fast sailing 24 foot J boat showed up to my door on a trailer in New York.  And I hardly can believe that this 1933 nostalgic 58″ former patrol vessel turned motor yacht can be rented for $125 an hour.

Demand for these types of businesses is growing for a few reasons. Early entrepreneurs are seeing the trend of people living closer to the city centers and who have less room to store their things. Also, fueled by the likes of Uber concepts that make us think about whether we really want or need to own a car in a big city, consumers are placing more value on experiences in the form of services instead of shelling out a lot of money for things that get less utilization in life.

What you can count on is the shift from ownership of heavy dollar amount items toward experiences that allow greater, easier access in the form of services. Especially when its about better access to fun.

Have you ever rented a service like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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