Going to Bed with These Could Make You Sleep Better

Going to Bed with These Could Make You Sleep Better

by Kurt Knutsson

Take everything you know about sleeping drug ambien, natural supplement melatonin and the bad effects of blue light exposure before bedtime and set them aside.

The answer to a better night’s sleep may have just been invented according to what’s revealed to the world from the big consumer electronics show, CES 2018.

While many would opt for natural ways to help them fix their sleep schedule and get their biological clock back on track. Some suffer from anxiety which makes it difficult for them to fall asleep and hence choose products such as this CBD oil helps with anxiety. With the availability of online dispensaries like Blessed CBD, a lot of people who suffer from stress and anxiety can procure cannabis products easily. Of course, there are several natural products other than CBD oils and edibles, such as essential oils, essential oils, reed diffusers, scented Soy Wax Melts, etc., and many (like me) tend to look for gadgets and other devices to help me sleep better. There is a multitude of gadgets in the market that could help people who have a hard time falling asleep some relief and make them sleep better. Many tend to use a melatonin vape for sleep, or maybe use a white noise app that might assist in achieving a better quality of sleep.

I’m always looking for new ways to make life better. And for the third of American adults who are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, these tech devices could help bring you back from your sleep deprived zombie world. Well, if these tech devices, are not the answers you seek, then feel free to walk to your Gwinnett Sleep professional, or your regular sleep health expert – the choice is yours.

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Philips SmartSleep

This new sleep technology headband pairs with the SmartSleep app to track and react to your sleep patterns. While you are in deep sleep, it emits soft tones that your brain hears and creating an enhanced effect to your natural slow wave deep sleep activity. It’s like upgrading the quality of the sleep you are getting so that you wake up feeling more energized, alert and focused.

And if you think this is all hocus like I first thought, there is clinical proof that it works for people who don’t get enough sleep because of their lifestyle. SmartSleep provides the best results to people ages 18 to 50 Why does it stop at 50? Apparently, the body of someone older produces slow waves that are not as easily traceable by the device. At $399, the Philips SmartSleep is avail this spring.


It’s the classic best selling white noise machine with 10 fan sounds and 10 white noises. LetroFan can help drown out noise from neighbors, snoring and startling sounds. Volume control and sleep timer or leave it on all night. Added bonus of a USB plug for charging devices directly from a plugged in LetroFan. $49.95

LectroFan Kinder and app

Download the app to control the new LectroFan Kinder designed just for kids. Smaller size makes it easy for fit in a nursery and has 75 white noise, fan sounds, nature sounds and lullabies you control. Plugs directly into outlet to eliminate danger of cord. LectroFan Kinder also has a built-in night light. $79.95


Imagine putting giant noise canceling headphones on your entire bedroom. That’s similar to how Nightingale’s 360 degree sound masking technology works. Cambridge Sound is the leading sound masking company that makes Nightingale. It’s wild what makes the list of annoying common household sounds they have mastered neutralizing: snoring, text message sounds, whispers, ticking watches, talking, TV, video games, dishwasher, crying baby, leaves blowing around outside, rainfall, chirping birds, freeway traffic and a lawnmower.

Good news is that it is designed not to mask alarm clocks, smoke alarms and security systems. Sleep studies including one done by Harvard Medical School shows that people using Nightingale fall asleep 38% faster, and SleepScore Labs report 64% reduction in noise sleep disruptions and 26% better quality of sleep. Nightingale plugs into a standard dual AC power outlet. Nightingale is controlled by app or web browser. Nightingale $149.95 for 150 sq foot room coverage. You’ll want two for a standard or larger size bedroom.

Somnox sleep robot

This Kickstarter success story, Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot is expected to market in October,
At $549, this pricey peanut-shaped cuddle device (mine was a much less sophisticated teddy bear as a kid) combines a number of proven techniques to get your body and mind closer to state of sleep.
As you snuggle with the Somnox sleeping robot it subconsciously gets you to mimic the breathing rhythm of proven Buddhustic breathing techniques. Audio within the somnox emits soothing sounds like heartbeats, lullabies, white noise and guided meditation. Somnox sleeping robot is the brainchild of 4 Dutch engineers on a mission to solve insomnia without the need for drugs.
Unique to Somnox are multiple sensors working together for a improved sleep including a CO2 sensor to monitor breathing, an accelerometer to detect movement and clever algorithm to help soothe the one snuggling with Somnox to sleep.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Inside this generously sized standard pillow are eight speakers, a microphone, gyroscope and battery surrounded by memory foam comfort filling. The pillowcase is washable, but don’t let a dumb move to the washing machine happen to this smart pillow. While this is made for a home sleep environment, I couldn’t help wonder how great it would be when traveling on long haul flights. I get benefit of sleeping with noise canceling headphones when onboard but wake with sore ears from the headphones pressing into my noggin. If you have snoring spouse, this could be the perfect solution. Zeeq nudges a snorer with a subtle vibration when it detects snoring which helps with switching positions without waking. Zeeq Smart Pillow $199


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According to sleep survey by Mattress Advisor, people who use these three apps before bed not only had lower sleep quality, but also got less sleep overall.

The easy tweak to an iPhone and iPad that can promote better sleep.

Turn On Night Shift

Settings>Display & Brightness > Night Shift

By default, Night Shift triggers on from sunset to sunrise. Filtering out blue light can be easier on the eyes and help you get to bed faster.

Sweet dreams.



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