YouTube stars rake in millions of dollars each year and will make you question all of your life choices. Below I break down the top 5 youtube earners and just how simple their videos are.  Analytics company Social Blade uses a unique algorithm to determine the best accurate estimate of revenue each of these YouTubers earn since the information is confidential and no one is talking.  What we do know for certain, is that parent company Google, takes about a 45% cut of advertising revenue brought in by some of their big shots.

1. Disneycollectorbr: $1.5 to $23.4 million annually for her videos about playing with children’s toys.

2. Pewdiepie: $1.2 and 18.9 million every year for his comedy videos, often about video games.

3. Littlebabybum: makes animated nursery rhymes for YouTube, earns $845,500 to $13.5 mill annually.

4. Stampylonghead: $698,100 to $11.2 mill every yr for videos about “Minecraft” and other video games.

5. Popularmmos: $750,900 to $12 million for “Minecraft” gameplay commentary specifically.



How to start a YouTube channel successfully

1) Setup a free YouTube account. Go to and click “create account”.
2) Pick a catchy name for your channel that people will remember.
3) Create your first video. Pick a subject to focus on. Subjects you know well or have strong feeling about tend to do the best.
4) Make a schedule of how often you will post videos to your channel and stick with it.
5) Choose good descriptions and tags for your videos to get people to find you, watch video, and subscribe to you.

5 biggest YouTube mistakes

1) Copying other people
2) Bad or misleading video descriptions
3) Forgetting to respond to subscribers
4) Having thin skin and getting ruffled by commenters
5) Boring videos that are not relevant

Check out the YouTube Creator Academy and per their channel, “learn tips from savvy creators as they showcase their secrets and best practices – pre-production, production, building your channel, getting discovered, growing your audience, analytics, case studies, deep dives into different genres”.

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