How to Outsmart Hackers: 3 Tips to Protect Your Wired Home

How to Outsmart Hackers: 3 Tips to Protect Your Wired Home

by Kurt Knutsson

Nowadays, the whole world revolves around the internet. It can be found in businesses and homes and just about anywhere else in between thanks to broadband packages such as the xfinity internet plans. However, there are some people out there who exploit the internet. Hackers get more intelligent every day as they discover new ways to access your systems.

How to Outsmart Hackers: 3 Tips to Protect Your Wired Home

Unfortunately, no matter how complex your password is, if you haven’t protected your software in one way or another it can easily be hacked. Check out these tips on how to protect your Microsoft LAPS from hackers, as there are potentially many bad things that can happen without protection. Something new that has been happening recently as hackers evolve is the target on baby monitors and other household devices. It may surprise you to learn that the leading reasons hackers are getting through include:

  • Parents not changing the default password
  • Home WiFi network password is easily guessed
  • Security flaw with baby monitor

Not changing both your baby monitor and home WiFi password from their original ones is like leaving your front door open with a big sign that says come in and steal everything in the house…including my baby. If you are unsure of what security system is the best to use for your home, you might want to check out these home security cameras reviews to help you get started.

What can you do now to keep your family safe and how can you outsmart hackers?


  • Change the default camera name and create a secure password for the app that connects to the baby monitor
  • Check for updates for both the baby monitor and the app that it uses
  • Don’t use the same password as your home WiFi network


  • Encrypted security makes it harder for hacker to break in
  • WiFi connected is preferred over RF versions that transmit a radio signal
  • Newer models are generally made more secure
  • Place any cords connected to monitor far out of baby’s reach

Choosing a baby monitor can be difficult, especially now they are being targeted by hackers. Make sure to read reviews from places like thoroughly to see which monitors are the best.

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