Did you know Amazon by default creates and shares a public profile on your account? If you have an Amazon account and have ever shopped at the mega online retailer, you are going to want to know about how your personal information is being used and how to tweak important privacy settings.

Step 1: Make Wish Lists Private

Amazon offers an easy way to create shopping lists and wish lists that can be shared with friends and family. Items on your dream list for a special day. When I created my Wish List, at the time I thought I was creating a wish list to Amazon. Something that tells them I am interested in this one day as well as a reminder to myself. What I did not know then, is that list can be seen by anyone if set to public. I would encourage you to look at all of your shopping and wish lists to see what your level of privacy.

Your Account > Profile under Personalized content section > Edit your profile button > Privacy settings

Step 2: Remove Your Public Profile

This is set to Public by default which seldom people know. This shows your name, location and shopping feedback/reviews.

Your Account > Profile under Personalized content section > Edit your profile button

  • Change your name, location and any other details you don’t want to share publicly
  • Tap Save when done.

Now tap Edit Your Profile button > Privacy settings

  • Uncheck everything you want private.
  • Hide all activity on your profile.
  • Tap Save at bottom.

Step 3: Remove Browsing History

This shows what you have been shopping for with a complete history of every item you’ve clicked. You can opt to turn off browsing history and also delete history.

Your Account > Browsing History under Personalized content section > Manage > Turn history on/off and then Delete History button

The same settings work from a desktop version.  Using the Amazon app makes it easier to make these important privacy adjustments.