Amazon Letting Neighbors Sneak Access to your WiFi with what they call Sidewalk.

Amazon never asked you.

It would have all been good if Amazon simply let us choose instead of forcing it on us assuming we have no voice. Oh wait, I just remembered, Amazon does know we have a voice and in fact let their Amazon team listened to Alexa recordings at will until one of their guys let the cat out of the bag.

Amazon Sidewalk is the name they gave this new slippery privacy slope that allows your existing Amazon devices like Echo and Ring Video Doorbell to be shared with the people in your neighborhood. And all of this just went into effect June 8th.

The sharing of your Amazon devices to others in your neighborhood is meant to help “devices work better” says Amazon which may be true, but they go on to say we should not at all be worried about privacy and security. That’s a crock so I am going to show you how to Opt-Out of Amazon Sidewalk.. aka letting your neighbors have access to your internet without asking.

Don’t worry, there is a way to stop Amazon Sidewalk from sharing your internet with strangers.

🚨First, make sure you have the latest Alexa app installed on your phone or tablet and the most recent software update to your operating system such as iOS or Android are current. 🚨

How to Opt-Out of Amazon Sidewalk in the Alexa App

1/ Launch Amazon Alexa app on your phone or tablet & tap “Settings”


2/ Click “Account Settings”

3/ Click “Amazon Sidewalk”


4/ Scroll way down to the bottom and switch to OFF (slide it to the left)

How to Opt-Out of Sidewalk on your Ring Video Doorbell or Ring devices

1) Launch Ring app

2) Tap 3-line menu in top left

3) Go to “Control Center” (towards bottom of navigation)

4) Click “Amazon Sidewalk”

5) Tap Sidewalk slider button (This feature is coming soon to select Ring devices so it is possible you don’t yet see this slider button)

You can always change your mind later. And wouldn’t it have been nice to be told in the first place so that you could decide whether you want this or not before Amazon made the decision for you without much of a peep?

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