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Best Shopping Tools Amazon Never Told You About

by Kurt Knutsson

Shop with these 3 tools and I promise you three things. You will save money, get money back from overspending on purchases, and be an expert at avoiding bogus products reviews.

My favorite three tools when shopping on Amazon do pay off. As a prime member, everyone in our house is addicted to Amazon shopping and we pride ourselves on thinking we are smart about it.

Best Tool for Spotting Fake Reviews

There’s crazy good value spotting the BS reviews when trying to comparison shop. Fact is, using this fake review spotter tool can also help you avoid buying a knock-off and inferior products across the board.

Fakespot.com will help you spot fake reviews. All you do is copy the product page web address and paste it in the blank field at Fakespot.com.

The algorithm being used at Fakespot looks for certain words and phrases to find suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews. For example, part of the equation is checking the age of the account and if a newly opened account suddenly populated Amazon with a flurry of reviews at once.

Fakespot takes into account and lists the amount of times Amazon has done its work to delete fake reviews.

Price Alerts

When I am trying to get a really good price on a purchase, I turn to the website that reminds me a little of the Three Amigos Movie with Chevy Chase. Camelcamelcamel.com helps you get the best price on Amazon.

Set a price alert to let you know when a product gets discounted, and also learn when it is the worse time to buy.

Historical graphs that Amazon would never show us are standard fair when putting an Amazon product through the Camelcamelcamel test.

Refund me when its cheaper

There have been a handful of these types of app that do the homework of showing what product price lowers after you pull the trigger.

Paribus 2.0 is the survivor in the mix really helping you know 1) when something you bought got cheaper at Amazon and a dozen plus other retailers, and 2) it also does the work for you to get money back into your account without you lifting a finger.

I’m usually not a fan of surrendering access to my email account so here’s what I do to add an extra layer of privacy and security.  I create a separate email account that I use for my Amazon account and other shopping sites. Otherwise, none of my personal email is exposed to the money saving app.  Truth be told, Paribus is safe with no significant breaches to date for you to worry about.  Let’s face it, when you see money showing back up as credits here and there, every little bit adds up to big savings.

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