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How Seniors, Students and Some Families Get Internet for Less

by Kurt Knutsson

On the heels of a Pew Research Center study that concludes 7% of Americans say they do not use the Internet at all, it turns out that affordability is a big factor.

As of April 2021, there are two ways to get great home Internet service for a lower price.

Internet service providers offer special pricing for low-income households. Essentially if someone qualifies for SNAP food program, your child qualifies for the National School Lunch Program or just about any government assistance program, you can apply by locating your primary providers in your area and call for information about what they may offer for super low priced high-speed home internet service.

Then there is the second source of lower priced internet access from a government program called Lifeline. The cable or telephone companies in your area that also provide internet service can get low-income families setup for a discount of $9.25 per month.

You may get a better price with internet providers discounted plans. For example, AT&T offers 10 Mbps high speed internet for $10 per month if you qualify.

$9.95 per month Internet Service for Seniors

One of the best plans for seniors is offered by Comcast. For $9.95 per month Internet Essentials plan is available from Comcast for qualifying seniors. It comes with 50 Mbps speed, no activation fees and no equipment charges. You also have the option to purchase a computer for $150. Apply online here.  Or call 1-855-8-INTERNET and ask about the Internet Essentials plan availability in your area.   If you are unsure if you would qualify, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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