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Legit Ways to Make Extra Money

by Kurt Knutsson

Let me help you get your mind around these real life ways to make extra cash from home. Think ‘extra’ because while these are really good researched ideas, they are not get rich quick schemes nor are they likely to make you so wealthy that you’ll tell your boss off and quit your day job.

Whether you look at this product tester article and learn how to test products for a living or start an e-commerce business, it doesn’t matter – everyone needs a little extra money during this pandemic so it’s up to you the way you go about it. What these clever money making ideas will do, is add to your wallet for a little of your effort and know-how from home.

I’m talking to the millions of Americans at home looking to supplement their income and anyone who want to either create more spending dough or stash it away into your savings. All you are going to need is a little ambition and access to the internet.


1/ Sell unused tech sitting around with Declutter.com


Go on a scavenger hunt inside your home for tech treasure to turn into cash. Decluttr.com buys your old tech such as iPhones, CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, Tablets, Laptops and more. You get more selling online to trusted sources like Decluttr than trading in . Declutter says it pays up to 33% more than carriers for your cell phone and about 30% more than Apple’s BuyBack program.

An iPhone X 256GB recently got an offer price of $298. The great thing is that Decluttr is free to use and has free shipping for both buying and selling tech. Maybe that’s why they’ve counted 6 million transactions to date and become a leader in the market. I like that Decluttr has a great reputation – they’ve earned it by doing it right.


2/ Rent Your Car, Driveway or extra Garage space to others

Rent your car on Turo

The car rental site Turo.com has a tool cleverly called the Carculator that shows how much your car could earn when you rent it out to others. This is ideal for those who have more than one car or find that there are certain days when they seldom need their own car and can make it available to others to earn extra income.

We have found that specialty cars like the newest Tesla does well. One Tesla owner told us he is not getting rich, but it covers his monthly cost on the car so that he can enjoy using it when not rented. Currently one of highest earners is a Jeep Wrangler that rents at a rate 2.5 times the monthly cost of the Jeep.

Neighbor.com allows you to list extra space you have in your garage and driveway to share with others. Neighbor connects you to people nearby looking for a place to park their car and are looking for nearby space for storage in unused space in your garage. Be sure to work out access details and be selective about who you allow renting from you.


3/ Look at investment opportunities

Investment opportunities are all around us. From property investments, start-up investments, or even stock investments, anyone can invest!

If you’re looking to make cash quickly, investing in stock is often the most popular way to do so. There are thousands of businesses on the stock exchange, so there are plenty of stocks to choose from. Some of the most popular stocks include Amazon and Tesla, two of the biggest companies in the US. Now, Tesla Aktie kaufen ja oder nein is often on every investor’s mind, but it really depends on your circumstances and if you feel confident with your investment. There are plenty of other stocks to invest in if Telsa isn’t the one for you.

Property and start-ups are also great investment opportunities but do require a lot of funding. Of course, if you have the means to do so, then go for it. You’ll likely see many rewards. If not, investing in stocks is the way forward. Plus, with many stock investment apps these days, you can invest from anywhere, making the investment even easier.


4/ Get Paid for Your Opinion

If you are willing to share your insights and ideas about a range of topics, findfocusgroups.com will guide you in the direction of getting paid for your effort. You may need to use a cam for apps like Zoom to participate in some focus groups.

How much do they pay? In a few recent focus groups here’s what was handed out
1) 30 min webcam interview about baby products paid $50,
2) a session about about social media for ages 18 to 65 paid $175 and
3) another focus group on taxes paid out $100.


5/ Find the Writer in You

One of the best short-term opportunities is taking on the challenge of writing. Writeraccess.com is one of the best in connecting writers with paying customers like blogs, magazines etc. You can work from anywhere and pay rates are based on a few things including reviews, experience, skill and certifications.

Star ratings are from 2 to 6. The higher the rating, the more you make. In a 250 word assignment, a 2 star entry level writer would make just $3.50 and on the other end of the spectrum, a 6 star writer gets $17.50 or about 7 cents per word written.

It doesn’t stop at writing. You can sign-up to be an editor proofing others’ work, doing translation, and a content strategist takes home the most money with a range of $24.50 to $70 per hour.

Winning Tip: You get a higher star rating the earlier you complete an assignment.

As freedomwithwriting blog review says, give it two days to get familiar with the platform and it will be worth it. Once you are approved and they have your writing level evaluated, you can start claiming articles to write.


6/ Game All Day

If you spend your free-time gaming, why not cash in on the skills you’ve gained. A good gamer has talent, and talent can be sold. With mmr boosting, you can play other people’s games for them to help them beat their high score, unlock a new level or just to help them learn. As a game booster, you can get paid for the thing you love doing, resulting in a win-win situation for you. The best thing is, you likely already have all the kit you need for it, such as a gaming PC and gaming chair, meaning you won’t have any expenditure getting started as you already have everything you need to get started.


7/ Create a List and Get $100

At Listverse.com the concept is simple. How it works: You write your list of at least 10 items, send it in and if they publish it, you get paid $100.

For inspiration, here’s what is on the current top list of lists:

  • 10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes That Almost Had Us Fooled,
  • 10 Everyday People Who Made Their Fortunes From Trash, and
  • Top 10 Plants That Led To Useful And Lifesaving Drugs.

Winning Tip: Good use of English, a sense of humor and love for things unusual or interesting will take you further Listverse.com


8/ Sell Your Photos Online

Shutterstock is one of the biggest clearing houses for commercial photography.
They are always on the hunt for outstanding shots of just about anything you could capture in life. Rather than just share photos on your instagram, why not upload them instead to earn money. Shutterstock pays a royalty every time your image is downloaded.

Other photo buying sites to look at are smugmug.com and gettyimages.com For a creative eye with a clever lens, this could add up over time all while having fun.


9/ Teach English

A shout out to my cousin Addison living in China. In big demand is English as a second language. He could clean up in his spare time teaching at VIPKID, on online education company offering English-speaking lessons to Chinese students ages 4 to 12. According to the site, you can earn $14 to $22 per hour.

The only requirements are that teachers have a bacherlor’s degree and have proficient English-speaking skills. VIPKID teacher portal


BONUS: One-on-One Tutoring

Then there is the bigger, more broadly attractive site Tutor.com where you can do private online tutoring. All you need is to promise you’ll be available 5 hours per week, have a college degree or are at least a college sophomore.

Subjects run the gambit from ordinary Elementary Math homework help to graduate level courses in law, accounting, physics and test prep for SAT and ACT. Tutor.com is now part of the Princeton Review with 16 million tutor sessions and on demand 24/7. Good for extra money, but not primary employment. Hear more about scheduled tutors versus on-demand tutors in my podcast above.

How it works: After you apply, they do a subject exam with you, mock session then if all is going your way, the final step is a background check and then you start tutoring.

Winning Tip: Stay within time limits of your tutor.com ‘mentor’. College level tutoring pays “a decent amount of money per session” according to an avid user. Tutor.com


10/ Get Paid to Walk

Sweatcoin offers you to earn while walking. Yes, its crazy but true. 10 Million people are using the Sweatcoin app invented by two UK guys who were looking for a way to reward people with instant gratification if they move and exercise. Instead of money, you are paid in their bitcoin-like cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for swag like gadgets, sport stuff and paypal gift cards. If you’re interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency investments, it’s best that you are aware of the present dangers involved including so-called crypto robots. You can read a German-language article about Warnung vor Kryptorobots over on the coincierge website.

Currently, it already has 10.4K reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 at the app store and is free to use. People are more likely to do something for a quick reward over a longterm gain. The inventors think it is successful because of that basic human motivation. So do investors that secured $5.7M in funding in January for the London-based company.

Sweatcoin gives instant gratification for physical activity. In case you are wondering about the earning level, let me put it into one perspective. You would earn 20,000 Sweatcoins after walking 21 million steps that could be cashed in for a new iPhone. The distance for the average stride of 1,000,000 walking steps is 500 miles. That means your free iPhone is handed to you after walking between NYC and Los Angeles 4.28 times. Hey, it can add up! Sweatcoin app: iOS Android


How to Succeed Earning Money Online

1/ The more you put into it, the better you will do
2/ Use rental platforms that offer coverage and have solid track record
3/ Pick what will both earn you money and that you like doing
4/ Most sites pay via PayPal so make sure its set up before you start
5/ Avoid schemes and scams which are in most search results on this topic.

If you have experience with any or these or other money earning sites, let us know about it. And when you share this with your friends and family, tell them to send you a nice gift with the extra money life brings them!

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