Dalle-2 vs. Bing Creator – which comes out on top in this AI showdown

Dalle-2 vs. Bing Creator – which comes out on top in this AI showdown

Let's see who can create the better image

by Jenna Roach

It’s an artificial intelligence showdown: which AI photo generator is the winner? You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT by now, however, did you know AI was also creating almost instant images? Open AI, the artificial intelligence lab behind ChatGPT, also has Dall-E 2, a system they claim can create realistic images and art from a simple prompt you provide.

Now, Microsoft has entered the chat and has a new image creator on Microsoft Bing, and it’s already proven to have a few pros over the other image AI generators already online. Let’s dive in and compare the two to see which is truly the best.

Which is more cost-effective?

When it comes to cost, Bing Image Creator is certainly the better pick. One of the more convenient features of Bing’s Image Creator is that you only need is a Microsoft account to use it, which is free to create. Every person starts off with 25 boosts per day, which helps your images to be made faster. And there is no additional cost to make these images.


Dall-E, however, is not free to use. Only those who signed up to start using Dall-E before April 6, 2023, got free credits, and those credits also run out one month after using them. If your free credits run out or if you missed that April deadline, you have to pay a minimum of $15 to use the generator. That $15 minimum will get you 115 credits, and you can only pay in increments of $15 (so the next lowest price you can pay is $30, $45, etc.).

Which is easier to use?

Both have proven to be relatively easy to use, so there isn’t a huge advantage that either one has over the other in this case.


How do you get these programs to generate images?

Both websites require you to type into a prompt box, which is essentially a description of what you want your image to look like.

The more specific you get with your prompt, the more accurate your description will turn out to be.

Take a look at the example below.  I first tried typing in the word “deodorant” which did not get me as accurate a description as when I typed in “a stick of deodorant sitting on an empty dresser.”


Once you come up with a specific prompt, you just have to click “generate” or “create,” and they will make an image for you. If you like the image they create for you, then you can download that image to your device or share them with a friend. Both Bing Image Creator and Dall-E give you four images each when you type in a prompt, allowing you to choose which picture you want to download or share.

How to use Bing Image Creator


  • Click on the image you like the most


  • Press Download to save it


How to use Dall-E

  • Go to labs.openai.com
  • Make sure you have enough image credits
  • Type in a prompt in the search bar


  • Click Generate
  • Click the picture you like the most. 
  • Note, if you are unhappy with any of these images, you can click the generate button again to see more options.


  • Click Save to download or Share to send to friends

dalle save and share



Who makes the better image?

Neither option is perfect, however, I think Bing takes the cake for this one. I tried a few different prompts for each, one of them being “a dog making breakfast.” The image on the left of the dog with the chef hat is from Bing, and the image on the right of the dog with creepy-looking fingers is from Dall-E.

The Dall-E image went a bit more literal than the Bing one, and it also looks more like a painting than a photographed image. Another prompt I tried was “A stack of old iPhones ready for the trash.” The left image came from Bing, and the right one came from Dall-E.

Neither image is fantastic, however, Bing at least managed to make the iPhones into an actual stack rather than a messy pile.

Neither Bing nor Dalle-2 is perfect, though. I tried typing in another prompt of “holding hands,” and what I expected was two people holding hands. What I got, however, was essentially a pile of jumbled fingers coming out of two arms.



When it came to Dalle-2’s version, notice anything equally strange? : )


Holding hands


Final thoughts

Both of these image generators seem to require a great amount of specificity if you want them to make exactly what you’re picturing in your mind. For now, I’ll say that Bing Image Creator is the better choice overall. However, I foresee these two companies being in competition with each other for many years down the road, so I won’t be surprised if OpenAI comes back with a better option in the coming months.

Have you used these AI image generators?  What is the strangest image it has generated and what prompt did you type in to get it?  Share your images and prompts with us here.




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