Best Summer Gear 2022

Best Summer Gear 2022

From poolside to seaside, these are some sure bets to make summer safe and fun

by Kurt Knutsson

Summer gear is making the list to make your 2022 pool time safer and gear to entertain with creating memorable moments for social media and summertime fun.

I’ll show you a new breakthrough pool AI camera that could help save a life.  First, we start the summer off with the essential gear before you hit the pool, beach or lake.


Polar Bear Coolers 50% off everything for limited-time with code FOX

Polar Bear Coolers

Exclusive FOX code gets 50% off everything for a limited-time while supplies last at

The biggest summer sale of the year. From their award-winning original soft coolers designed in the USA from the state of Georgia, the new Topper 30 and hard-coolers that keep ice for days.

Summer gear including one of the best inflatable standup paddle boards called the Icebreaker for only $350 with promo code FOX.

All Polar Bear Coolers and products are available to ship now while supplies last. You may remember these coolers won our  won our Wall Street Journal inspired ice cooler challenge against the top in their field.

Polar Bear Coolers products 50% off for a limited-time and while supplied last here.



Bombora floatation belts inflate to keep you afloat
Code FOX gets 50% off (1 belt)

Whether around the pool or out on the water this summer, keep the style and freedom while staying protected with a USCG flotation belt. This is a comfortable belt to take onto the water with you this summer that could help save your life.

USCG-approved flotation devices are worn like a belt that doesn’t get in the way of fun.  With one tug of the rip cord will inflate the belt into a life preserver in seconds.  Available in sizes for kids, adults, and dogs.  Flotation belts available for a limited-time only here online.



ChargeCard Ultra-thin card sized charger 2 for 1 deal $59.95
Buy 1 Get one free with code FOX at

Stay poolside all day without worrying about a recharge. This portable charger the size of a credit card is perfect poolside, at the beach, and on the go.

The ChargeCard is thin enough to fit in your wallet and give your phone another full battery charge.

This Shark Tank winner charges both iPhone and Android phones with charging cables built-in.  The ChargeCard 2-for-1 deal is available for a limited-time while supplies last here online. 



Racing remote control Alligator head – $39.95

On your mark, get set go!

Put on your own fun summertime pool race with these remote control alligator head speedboats. These alligators can move! Get hours of fun this summer with these fun affordable gator head racers.

You’ll get about 20 to 30 minutes of racing per recharge. Some people even use them to scare off birds and unwanted pests from their pool. The remote control is easy to operate with two joystick triggers. Toggle up on the left and right sticks to move forward. Pull back to go in reverse. Use just one to steer left or right. Make the alligator head spin the in water by pushing one toggle forward and the other one back.



CamerEye AI-powered pool camera

The first artificial intelligence pool safety camera to gain government certification just over a month ago. AI camera and pool alarm warning system can detect if a child or adult enters the pool or if someone is in distress while in the water. This is an added layer of protection to help families enjoy the summer while keeping an extra eye on your loved ones and pool guests.

You’ll mount the CamerEye AI camera above and alongside your pool while placing the AI alarm inside your home where it can be heard by a family member.

The optional subscription version allows for emergency response to be automatically called. Even though CamerEye is the first AI camera-based pool perimeter and entry alarm to be certified as a Type C device, it does replace proper supervision and pool safety.


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