Apple’s back with newest iPhone 14 line, Watch Ultra, AirPods Pro

Apple’s back with newest iPhone 14 line, Watch Ultra, AirPods Pro

Up close and personal with Apple's biggest product debut in years - what you missed

by Kurt Knutsson and Nora Hogan

Apple announced their newest iPhone 14 line, Apple watches, and the best-ever second generation of AirPods at their “Far Out” launch event on September 7th, and I was there to see it live.


It felt like the same special spot where the spectacular architecture could wow you as much as Apple’s inventions.  I was amongst the first to walk up to Steve Jobs theatre at 4am on the biggest day Apple has had for product launches since before the pandemic. (shot of Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park behind me)

Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson broadcasting live from Apple Park on Sept 7, 2022


Big takeaway from what Apple launched

Introduced were a brand new iPhone lineup, three new Apple Watches, and a rebuilt pair of AirPod pros. But the most exciting update from the Apple Launch event was the new features that can save your life daily and even get you ready for an apocalypse.

iphone hand

Apple’s lifesaving new features

Emergency SOS via satellite

apple iphones

This is a game-changing and lifesaving new capability that the new iPhone 14 models offer. If you’re ever in an emergency where you’re too far out of reach from cell service or WiFi to contact help, this new feature will absolutely save you. Instead of reaching for a cell tower, your iPhone will search for a nearby satellite, even one flying 15,000 miles per hour, to provide connectivity.

Your iPhone will show you on the screen where to point your phone to get a connection. It will use the connection to send automated text messages so you can choose to get help as quickly as possible. If the emergency services contacted in your area don’t receive text messages, Apple has new relay centers that will convey your text messages to the appropriate contacts to get you help fast.

If you’re in an area with a clear sky, it will take less than 15 seconds to send a text message once you’ve connected to a satellite.


Use Emergency SOS even in a non-emergency setting

Thanks to the new iPhones’ ability to connect via satellite, you can use this to share your locations with friends and family if you’re out of range from a cell tower.   Imagine going on a hike somewhere and getting lost.  In Apple’s Find My app, you can now share your location via satellite.


How much will iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite cost?

If you purchase a new iPhone 14, this feature will be free for the first two years. The cost past those two years, and the cost for other iPhones, were not yet revealed.




Crash detection

iphone apple watch crash

Apple Watch and the iPhone 14 introduced their newest safety feature designed to save your life if you’re ever in a car crash. The new Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhones work together to tell when you’ve been in a high-impact crash and will automatically call emergency services.

Crash detection is all thanks to a dual-core accelerometer that can detect G-force measurements up to 256 Gs, and a new “high dynamic range gyroscope” combined with existing features. Apple tested over a million hours of real-world driving to identify when your vehicle was in a crash and is expected to work in passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

Your device can identify four types of crashes:

  • Front-impact
  • Side-impact
  • Rear end collision
  • Rollover

If your iPhone or Apple Watch triggers crash detection, it will give you a countdown until it contacts emergency services and contacts. This means even if you’re unconscious and alone, your watch or phone will still be able to save your life.

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Other new Apple products and features

Click here for all the coverage on the September Apple Launch event, including details on the new status symbol – the Apple Watch Ultra, the new iPhone 14 series, and the second-edition AirPod Pros.

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