My VPN keeps me private and secure, should I ever turn it off?

My VPN keeps me private and secure, should I ever turn it off?

The truth about a Virtual Private Network and how it could help you more than hurt you

by Kurt Knutsson

It’s difficult to have any kind of privacy on the internet unless you’re using a VPN. The acronym stands for virtual private network, and they’re becoming more popular because they can ensure that your connection is safe and your data is encrypted no matter where you are.

Although VPNs can come in handy, they can also annoy you if you keep them on while browsing all the time.


What are the pros of leaving a VPN all the time?

  • VPNs add a layer of enhanced security by scrambling your internet traffic to prevent your data from falling into the hands of hackers, advertisers, or other third parties.
  • VPNs prevent Internet service providers from monitoring your online activity.
  • VPNs offer a way around geo-fencing blocks. That’s the technology that can tell where you are located geographically when not protected by a VPN.
  • You can save money on purchasing items like flights and hotel rooms because it allows you to access websites and prices from different locations, and sometimes prices can vary between regions. Take a look at 6 ways a VPN can save you money here.
  • Some websites, especially streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, only offer certain programming in certain countries based on licensing agreements. In case you are wondering how to unblock Netflix in your location, VPN is the answer. In other words, you can watch programming and streaming services anywhere on the internet away from home with a VPN that connects back to your home region. Many people use VPN to watch TV shows and movies that are not available in their country.
  • They can help increase your connection speeds, especially if your Internet provider decides to throttle down your speed at times when it’s busy online. Interesting fact: some countries, such as China, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Belarus, and North Korea, forbid the use of VPNs altogether.

What are the cons of leaving a VPN on all the time?


Some of the frustrating parts of having it on all the time include the following:

  • It can occasionally slow down your connection depending on your internet speed.
  • Sometimes websites will block you from viewing them if they detect a VPN.
  • If you use your VPN to connect to another country, you may be redirected to that country’s version of the website which may have different content available.

Should my VPN always be turned on?

Ultimately, the decision is yours as you technically do not need to keep your VPN all the time if you don’t want to. However, we’d say that having it on at all times is certainly the safer bet, even if it means dealing with some slower internet speed and a few site blockages.

My #1 pick for the best VPN is ExpressVPN.   ExpressVPN will help protect against who can track you, who can see what you write, and what websites you visit.  Benefits include:

  • adds a layer of enhanced security
  • prevents Internet service providers from monitoring your online activity
  • offers a way around geo-fencing blocks
  • can help increase your connection speeds

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For best VPN software, see my expert review of the best VPNs for browsing the web privately on your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices:

Best VPNs for browsing the web privately

Do you leave your VPN on all the time? Let us know how it helps you.




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