Online privacy protections are out the door with congress repealing rules that would make it tougher for Internet service providers to sell your personal data. Tools can help restore some of your privacy and remove your every move for the world to see and sell. There’s a simple solution to this. Get a canada vpn installed on your devices to ensure you’re safe and secure while surfing the web and steaming videos.

1) (Helpful) Use VPN. Virtual Private Networks seal the communication from you to the end point of whatever you are connecting to, but many highly recommended VPNs fail basic privacy tests so it’s important to get the best vpn nz on the market because not all VPNs can be trusted. Aside from using a VPN being complicated for most people, it is also often blocked by goto services like Netflix creating frustrating. (not recommended for most people.) If you’re interested in learning more about vpns, check out Nord VPN Reviews.

2) (Very Helpful) Add-on extensions like HTTPS EVERYWHERE are available for Firefox and Chrome browsers. It forces a website to use a secure connection when its available.

3) (Most Helpful) Download and use the Tor Project browser which protects your internet browsing traffic by popping from point to point making it tough for you to be followed online.