250 million emergency calls are made each year.  And surprisingly, 60% have inaccurate information resulting in approximately 10,000 deaths according to the FCC. 70% of those emergency calls are made from mobile phones that dial into a an archaic system developed for landlines when the 911 system came into existence.


There has been no major tune-up to the 911 system to relate better with how we live today with mobile phones.  Seeing the need to evolve, researchers in Boston are working with the global emergency team to create the one-touch 911 emergency app called RapidSOS. With this app, users can call the police, report a fire, car crash, seek medical attention.

The emergency app is more than a consumer solution and instead an overall solution that looks to partner with municipal governments to update the entire 9-1-1 platform one system at a time beginning in the U.S. and also 135 countries.

RapidsSOS is testing the software in Texas; they launched a Kickstarter campaign to announce the app globally

How it Works:RapidSOS-app

  • connects over wifi, cell phone signal, bluetooth
  • you can even use the app if you don’t have service (through roaming feature on phone)
  • with one touch of it will transmit location, type of emergency, stores and shares medical/ demographic data
  • as long as you press the app once, emergency services are on their way
  • can transmit text, voice, videos and photos
  • can speak for you if you can’t speak
  • also notifies family after reaching 911

This new app is currently on Kickstarter hoping to save your life and revolutionize 911 system.


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