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Don’t fall for these baby formula scams

BBB warns to watch out for these red flags before you make any online purchase

by Kurt Knutsson

Due to the recent shortages in baby formula, desperate parents are seeking out solutions online and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is issuing a warning.

How the baby formula scam works

New parents are finding ads and posts on social media and websites like Craigslist and eBay offering up baby formula.  Scammers set up fake websites and then chat with their victims on a messenger or text app directing buyers to send them payment via Venmo or Paypal.  However, the formula never arrives.

How to tell if an online promotion is a scam

Before you send any money to any business, look out for these signs of trouble.

  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in ads
  • Is there a physical location for their store? If not, it could spell trouble.
  • Question “reviews” you read on the site.  The BBB suggests copying and pasting the reviews into a site like Google.  If you find the exact reviews on other sites for other products, steer clear of this seller.
  • Search to see if the business is legitimate on the BBB site here.  You can also search the company name with the word “scam” and see if anything comes up.
  • If you do make a purchase, use a credit card that will protect you and potentially void the charges.

More scams to be aware of here

What other scams have you seen online lately?  Comment below!


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