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Best Post Christmas Online Deals 2020

by Kurt Knutsson

The Post Christmas Holiday deals are the only annual sales that can outdo CyberMonday/Black Friday.   Here are the top categories we are seeing the most savings in holiday sales are in:

  • Holiday Decor
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Video Games

Let’s jump into a number of deals we are finding at GameStop both online and in store.

GameStop After Christmas Deals

Now you can save $20 on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, one of the top games this holiday season — just $39.99.

And with the new NBA season that kicked-off this week, you can jump into the action and save $30 on NBA 2K21 – now $29.99.

Even better, you can also buy two pre-owned games and get one free.

And for the ultimate Star Wars fan, GameStop is giving 25% off select replicas and action figures, like this Star Wars: Battlefront Shadow Trooper The Black Series Voice Changer Helmet – only at GameStop.

And, now that you have all new gaming gear, GameStop lets sellers unload the gear you’re no longer using for in-store credit or cash with their trade-in program. Just bring in the gear and games you’re no longer using, including electronics like tablets and smartphones. Pretty much they’ll take anything in exchange for in-store credit or cash so you can buy the gaming gear you really want.

You can use GameStop’s mobile app or go to GameStop.com

PufferHUG reg price $39.99 and now 25% off with promo code FOX

Clever way to give and get a warm hug.  The PufferHUG designed by style creator Meredith Sinclair
has 2 Deep pockets to hold essentials like a smart phone and mask in a high quality smart accessory to bring you comfort and the feeling of a warm hug.

I love the timeless detail, practical use and great quality.  Choose from Grey with yellow and solid Black on Black. Add it as a layer and use as a scarf.  It is something you never realized you were missing until you get one and get as addicted to a PufferHUG as I have.  So smart, stylish and comfie.  Get it here.



KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 reg $59.99 sale $39.99

Target now has these popular kids smartwatches for $39.99 only for a limited time.

The KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 looks just like a grown-up watch, but is made just for kids! Capture videos, snap selfies and take pictures anywhere using the two cameras. Includes a motion sensor for active games too! The built-in rechargeable battery includes a USB cable and 56MB of internal memory.  Get it here.



ChargeCard credit card sized charger reg $59.95 sale $29.95 with promo code FOX

50% reg price using promo code FOX while supplies last
Ultra-thin credit card sized charger that fits in your wallet and works with all phones. Stainless steel design with both USB-C and Lightning cable.  These folks you may remember from SharkTank creating a line of products and accessories.  Order the ChargeCard while supplies last at this special price using promo code FOX here.

Check out all my holiday gift recommendations here.

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