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My 6 Favorite Summer Gadgets and Gear Picks

by Kurt Knutsson

America is ready for summer. New technologies and gear are here to help you get out of the house and rejoin life after a year or more.

I’m so ready to spend time outside with my loved ones and friends, and these top innovations will inspire an even better time together.

Like my grandma always said, “don’t sit on the ground unless you are at a picnic” and never ever show up empty-handed to someone else’s home”.

Here are some great ideas to welcome back being together again!

SwimWays Spring Floats with Hyper-Flate Valve

I already knew about these amazing Summer must-have inflatables before they went and disrupted the market making it 3 times faster to inflate floats.  New technology they call the Hyper-Flate Valve has recreated the ease to inflate and deflate summer fun.

You can literally blow toward the valve without putting your lips on the nozzle.


It’s engineered to increase airflow while preventing you from losing airflow out.  And I love that you never need a pump!   From now on, look for Hyper-Flate Valve technology on any inflatable you buy.

SwimWays line of Spring Floats are available at many retailers and Amazon from $14.99 to $49.99.


Polar Bear Coolers $49.95+ 25% Off with Promo Code FOX for a limited time

Ice Cold 72 Hour Challenge to Find the Best Cooler

These Polar Bear Coolers you may remember won our cooler challenge last year and sold out.   Now the insulation sensation is back with a larger Topper Soft Cooler.  I fell in love with these incredible high-quality coolers when we wanted to pack fresh meat and cheeses to take about half-way around the world on a flight.

The ice keeps from 48 hours to up to 5 days depending on which one you get.  Polar Bear Coolers are known for their soft, hard and now award-winning Topper designed coolers.  It has become one of the most favorite gifts to give others.

If you open my truck, you will always find another Polar Bear Cooler there so that I can go shopping and leave cold items in the car all day without thinking twice.

Get 25% off with Promo Code FOX for a limited time here


Ice Breaker StandUp Paddleboard 25% off with promo code FOX

Leave it up to Polar Bear to take their same enduring product quality to create an 11-foot inflatable stand up paddleboard.  It takes 10 minutes to inflate this into a sea-going board that is both firm and extremely well made.

The IceBreaker also includes everything you need to get on the water.  A smart air pump, easy-to-read instructions, a tote bag and extendable paddle come with the Ice Breaker SUP.   You can literally travel with or carry around this incredible SUP wherever you go.

The greatest thing is how the legendary Polar Bear Coolers can attach to the front of the SUP to take your chilled stuff anywhere.  Look at the video of the live segment that shows how stiff and exceptional well-designed the construction is in the Ice Breaker SUP.  $475 regular price is 25% off with promo code FOX for a limited time.


Aquavault ChargeCard Ultra Powerful Credit Card-sized Charger $59.95 $29.99 with Promo Code FOX

This credit card-sized charger that fits in your wallet just saved me.  I found myself on a flight that had no power jack.  My battery was almost nothing after a long day and I reached into my bag to put this lifesaver into action.

It charges both Apple and Android phones often taking your next-to-dead battery to a full charge once before recharging.  This is now a must-carry item in my travels and everywhere I go.  What I love is the design that incorporates an iPhone and Android charging cable into its intelligent design.  These guys I first saw on Shark Tank have nailed it again with this highly portable, .25″ slim credit card charging backup I somehow can’t live without.

Get the Aquavault ChargeCard with Promo Code FOX here


BlendJet2 Portable Blender $49.99

Add ice and fruit to make smoothies, frozen cocktails, yogurt dip, and blend anything on the go. I love this little BlendJet2 wonder that gets about 15+ blends on a single charge.  This 16-ounce capacity is small enough to transport and big enough to custom blend whatever anyone desires.

The USB-C cable makes it easy to fully recharge in about an hour and a half by plugging into a cigarette lighter plug, wall socket or anywhere USB-C power can be had.  You are going to want to wash this outside the dishwasher by using a brush on the inside and avoid putting your hand inside since those blades are sharp (which is a good thing).

The leak-proof lid comes with a carrying strap and is available in your favorite color here online.  I love this as a host gift whenever we go over to someone’s bbq.  It’s a big hit in a little package.

Get the Blendjet here

Other portable Blenders we like:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Portable Charcoal Grill $49

My Favorite Summer Gadgets and Gear: Portable Charcoal Grill

This new addition to Cost Plus World Market made it into my Best Portable Grill feature.  Made to take anywhere, this is the lowest-priced no-frills charcoal grill to go.  Lightweight and portable at under 10 pounds, the no-name World Market portable metal grill is an economical one-off for a quick outdoor getaway.

I really like how they designed the lid to open all the way to double the grilling surface.  Use charcoal or wood-based briquettes not included.

And finally…

If you’re looking for fun things to do this summer, hosting your own summer movie night is a great way to get friends and family together!

How to Create Your Own Marvelous Outdoor Movie Theatre

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