Battling the bite of winter storms is getting easier. If you have not become aware of some of the latest technology that can warm you up and save your life, I suggest reading this entire post.

This App Could Save Your Life In Cold Weather - Ravean Jacket


Winter Survival Kit app is available free for both iOS  and Android . This brilliantly performing app should be on every human beings phone who gets near snow. Winter Survival Kit is ready whenever you get stranded. You seldom think it could ever happen to you, and that’s what each victim who did not survive getting trapped in snow thought too. This app could help keep you alive and summon assistance.

This App Could Save Your Life in Cold Weather - Winter Survival Kit App

Cold weather is worse thing for your technology aside from getting dunked in water. From tablets, laptops and smartphones, battery life is dramatically reduced when exposed to extreme cold. Keep phones close to your body heat when outside. Never leave a device inside a cold location like a car parked outside in a winter snow storm. The colder is gets, the faster the battery gets zapped. Salt Case for iPhone 6/6S & 6/6S Plus

This App Could Save Your Life In Cold Weather Salt Cases

Extreme weather gear like Salt Cases used thermal technology from nasa to protect devices from the cold and hottest of days. I checked out BE Headwear with built-in bluetooth allowing you to protect yourself from the cold while staying connected to phone calls and music that are piped into a beanie cap.bluetooth beanie hat black

This App Could Save Your Life In Cold Weather - Bluetooth Beanie Hat Black

Ravean heated jackets are a hit in 2016 for their ability to power thermal heat for up to six hours at a time between charging the 1/2 pound battery that is inside the lining. Heated gloves plug into the sleeves to keep your fingers warm. And the left pocket hides a phone charging cable to recharge your smartphone on the go. It got its roots on Kickstarter and had many fans enjoying the lightweight down-filled jacket that will warm you up.

This App Could Save Your Life In Cold Weather - Ravean Jacket




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