Amazon’s extra creepy drone films inside your home

Amazon’s extra creepy drone films inside your home

by Kurt Knutsson

When watching the Jetson’s growing up, Rosie the robot that looked after the futuristic family would never be accused of spying.

That’s though the centerpiece of Amazon’s newly announced flying Ring Always Home Cam is starting to go on sale today — for those who are being invited.

Ring Always Home Cam

I’m super curious to get my hands on this flying spy robot meant to fly around your home while your away to share what’s going on inside.

Amazon describes it as an autonomous, indoor security camera. Think of it as a Ring Video Camera strapped to a drone that flies around your house randomly.

I’m not yet sure if finding an intruder would let you steer the Ring Always Home Cam drone into the face of the intruder.

Ring Always Home Cam

On one hand, I love the idea that this creepy camera will fly to areas where it detects motion. On the other hand, I hope this never wakes me up in the middle of the night buzzing over my pillow.

How to get invited

There’s a trick to getting an invitation is being located in the USA for the moment.

This link takes you to the invitation list. When you get there, simply click ‘Request an invitation’ button.

While I’m going to order it to put it through a comprehensive test no matter how brutal, I want to apologize in advance to our sweet girl Callie who is the Hungarian hound dog normally on guard against intruders when we are away.

And to the potential cheaters who forgot that their spouse could simply fly their spy robot around the house in their absence to catch you in the act of an indiscretion, you shoulda’ read this post first.

Good luck.

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