White House Instagram Account Taken Over by Russian Posts

White House Instagram Account Taken Over by Russian Posts

Evidence of an attack against Americans is reaching U.S. soil - Protect Your Technology

by Kurt Knutsson

A highly active deliberate pro-Russian, anti-American campaign is underway designed to drown out American voices and dominate the conversation of White House posts.

People began buzzing on Twitter asking if the official @WhiteHouse Instagram account has been hacked.

Pro-Russian, Anti-American propaganda overtakes White House account

At first look, it does appear that Russians have taken over part of the White House official Instagram account — the comment sections.

A traditional hack or breach into the @WhiteHouse account is not immediately evident. Nevertheless, this is most certainly an attack against America.

Almost All Russian on White House account

You can hardly see any English language comments making it onto the @WhiteHouse account followed by 7.3 million people on Instagram.

Of the numerous official posts made by the White House comms team since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it appears that pro-Russian activists are overpowering the comment sections of related White House posts.

It’s almost entirely in Russian from hundreds if not thousands of disinformation posts – one after another that continue to bombard the official Instagram page of the White House.

Screen capture of official White House Instagram post from March 11, 2022

For example, on a White House post detailing sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of Putin’s aggression and act of war against the neighboring country, an overwhelming number of Russian posts have completely drowned out American comments.

Translating Russian posts to English reveals Anti-American sentiment

When running a few of them through Russian to English translation, here’s what they say:

EyeMaxi handle posted,

“We are still here. The Russians don’t give up!”

Instagram handle vladimir_rialtorgroup says,

“I remember Alaska was ours, isn’t it time to hold a referendum there? … and the California region will become part of the Russian Federation”

Another received 2,586 likes:

“When will you start writing in Russian? US government leaders”

Tabun_pegasov_ posts the following which gained 1,830 likes:

“You can’t live without us ???????”

This one:

“Go country, we are the best! ??????????!”

That’s not the flag of our good ole USA, but the communist Russian flag.

Unanswered question: Why is the White House allowing these Russian posts to remain?

We continue to investigate including asking the question as to why the White House is allowing American voices to be suppressed by failing to scrub the thousands of overpowering Russian propaganda posts.

Make no mistake, what you are seeing is an attack on America.  Plain and simple.

This time, the attack is focused on manipulating the platform used by the most important office and address in the USA, the White House. This is also evidence of an intention to infiltrate America by a foreign enemy using technology.

We knew we would start seeing online threats come to U.S. soil.  If nothing else, let this serve as a wake-up call to all of us.

Proof of intent to harm Americans is established

More than ever, secure all of your own personal and work devices now.  They need to be protected against cyber attacks without exception.

Having strong protection is not just smart but a necessity.

I just posted a comprehensive review of the top antivirus protection for 2022 including the winner TotalAV plus how to protect against cyber attacks.

I can’t say it more emphatically. Lock up your technology now.




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