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How to find the Cheapest Food Delivery App Fees

by Kurt Knutsson

Small restaurant operators are getting hammered the most on fees they are charged by popular delivery apps such as Postmates, GrubHub, DoorDash. UberEats, Caviar and EatStreet. Many fees average between 20 and 30% of the order at a time when restaurants are near 10 and 20% of their pre-pandemic levels. Some restaurants say that they are getting gouged as much as 40% at times and are growing frustrated.

Consumers hoping to support local restaurants by having food delivered are also paying fees and often see the same menu items with jacked-up prices.


Now there are a couple of apps and a site to help compare each deliver service in your area. They show which one has the lowest delivery fee and which one will get your food delivered the fastest. While the results are not always perfect, Foodboss.com has saved us money on several restaurant orders.


Foodboss.com and its app are free. You start by entering your address then searching for your favorite food options. About 50 major cities are listed so far.


MealMe app available on iOS works similarly with a claim to save $5 on average per order.

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