Money-saving Netflix Trick

Money-saving Netflix Trick

Netflix cracks down on sharing and some have found a workaround.

by Kurt Knutsson

Netflix is trying out some new rules to limit sharing

The streaming service is cracking down on giving out your login credentials to anyone outside of your household. Netflix is initially launching the test in three countries including Costa Rica, Chili and Peru.  It will force any users on your account outside of your household to pay an additional fee.

Why Netflix is cracking down on password sharing

Netflix says it needs to pay for increased production costs which as of  2021 reach $13.6 billion.  Programming and production spending is projecting to climb to $18.9 billion annually by 2025.

Legit subscribers will be able to “add an extra member” which will allow two non-household members to pay to stream using your Netflix account.

Furious Netflix users are protesting the potential price hike on social media complaining about the new feature. Others are pointing to the notion that this will only help Disney+ win the streaming war.

How Netflix may enforce sharing

Assuming the test is successful, Netflix could start a sharing crackdown in the U.S.

One method that Netflix has previously tested to make sharing difficult is two-factor authentication.

Two factor authentication sends a code to your phone which must be entered to gain access to your account.  Enter  the code quickly enough to begin watching a show or movie on the streaming platform.

While this new feature could sound like buzzkill for those who ‘borrow’ their friend or family member’s login, some are already planning a hack to solve the sharing dilemma.

Money-saving Netflix Trick

People are already talking about a sneaky workaround if Netflix deploys two-factor authentication to control sharing.  Two-factor authentication requires a code usually sent as a mobile text, to be entered in order to login.  Here’s how their Netflix sharing trick works.

  1. It involves getting a free phone number from a service such as Google Voice.
  2. List that number in your primary Netflix account profile.
  3. Set the free Google Voice number to forward texts to everyone by listing phone numbers you want to authorize.
  4. When an authentication code is requested to login, the code is sent to everyone who has access to the same account.
  5. The person logging on to Netflix enters the code and proceeds with streaming.

This could succeed as long as Netflix allows a Google Voice number or other virtual number to be used for authentication.

Privacy tip: Remember that once you set texts to forward from that Google Voice number, all texts coming to that number will forward to every phone number you have authorized whether it originates from Netflix or elsewhere.

When is Netflix raising prices?

Netflix last raised its subscription fee by $1 to $2 per month on all its U.S. plans as of January 2022. Although it has steadily increased rates annually over recent years, Netflix seldom shares a rate hike in advance.

Historically though, Netflix allows existing members to keep previous rates longer before transitioning to the higher price.  New subscribers typically pay the highest prices.

Question: How much is too much?

What monthly price increase would cause you say buh bye and cancel Netflix? Comment below.

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Karen DeStefano March 20, 2022 - 11:28 am

When I first starting streaming Netflix I was paying about $8.00 a month. I am now paying over $21. I think it’s time to cancel


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