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Why this is the best time to buy a new TV

Super Bowl is the perfect time to upgrade to a better screen

by Kurt Knutsson

Super Bowl is known for two winning things for certain: the best Football Team and the most ideal time to buy a new television.

Sports have always been the driving force for upgrading TVs, and nothing more influential than the big football finale of Super Bowl.

Here’s why.  The vast majority of new TVs announced at CES in January won’t be introduced until later in spring in March and April.

This is the moment retailers drive deep discounts in the name of Super Bowl to make room for the newer inventory of TVs.

Sure there are other sales throughout the year like Black Friday, but Super Bowl is the one time per year where you can get the best quality TV for the least amount.  How you shop makes all the difference.


What to look for in a new TV

  1. First off, forget all the marketing spin and buzzwords.  They won’t matter as much as what I am about to share with you.
  2. The best bang for your buck right now in 2022 is a 4K HDR TV
  3. The sweet spot is to target a new TV introduced over the last year – not older.  Forget what was just announced from the consumer electronics show, those are the most expensive until they become next year’s best TV value around SuperBowl again.
  4. Bigger is better. Time to go big or go home since manufacturers have their best and biggest screens yet on sale   The biggest mistake for a post-sale TV buyer is that they did not get a larger screen.
  5. Shop accessories later can often save you.  Bundling extras like the HDMI cable, a wall mount or stand at the time of sale can often be more expensive than shopping them later online separately.
  6. Deals are found when you shop every big name retailer with some of the very best deals involving a manufacturer exclusive deal with a single retailer.

That said, this first pick is an amazing example deal that I just found at Walmart that hits that perfect sweet spot.


9 Best Super Bowl TV Deals

Vizio 4K Ultra HD 50-inch TV for under $300  [Editors Pick]

The Vizio V-Series V505-J09 4K Ultra HD 50-inch TV for under $300 exclusively at Walmart for a limited time!   It’s got Dolby Vision HDR for true cinematic feeling, a built-in gaming engine, and 4K HDR for live sports – giving you the feeling that you are at the game.   It hits all the buyer’s guide checkmarks with the best price I have ever seen.

Get it here



TCL 70-INCH 4K Android TV reg $829, now $499 at Best Buy

This is a large screen without the heavy cost. The 70 inch TCL Android TV has HDR10 support, a voice remote, and Chromecast built-in with Google Assistant.’’

Get it here



Vizio 65-inch 4K TV reg $599 now $496 at Amazon

For starters, you get the incredible Dolby Vision HDR10 support for outstanding viewing in detail at a very inexpensive price. I love the Apple AirPlay support built-in and the fact that gamers will find it fast for gaming console play. This is the lowest price for this Vizio TV I have seen ever.

Get it here



Samsung 65-inch 4K TV reg $647 now $579 at Samsung

Even though this comes from the intro level line, you’ll still find that its packed with great features like HDR support, Samsung’s own Bioxby voice assistant support on the Tizen operating system that gives you access to popular smart tv apps like Apple TV+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sling TV and more.

Get it here



TCL 75-inch 4K Android TV reg $899 now $599 at Best Buy

Go big or go home without breaking the bank with this TCL 4K TV complete with built-in Chromecast, HDR10 support, voice remote with Google Assistant. Bonus: Includes 3 free months of Apple TV+.

Get it here



Insignia 70-inch QLED 4K TV reg $749 now $679 at Best Buy

This whopper game size Insignia TV is Best Buy’s own brand name television with the upgraded QLED 4K display with amazing image quality for sports, gaming, or movies. The voice remote is integrated into Alexa making it easy to control. As far as Super Bowl TV deals go, this is one of the best I’ve seen with QLED.

Get it here



Samsung 82-inch 4K TV reg $1499 now $1099 at Samsung

For one of the highest quality entry line TVs, this TU7000 has the essentials of HDR support, all the popular smart TV apps like Apple TV+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sling TV, and more.

Get it here



Sony 85-inch 4K LED TV reg $2499 now $1798 at Amazon

This huge 85-inch display is Super Bowl discounted by $700! It’s a giant 4K LED Ultra HD screen with Dolby Vision HDR10 support and works with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Get it here



Samsung 55-inch QLED TV reg $1799 now $1297 at Amazon

This QN90A QLED TV is visible in broad daylight with the brilliant 4K QLED screen. It may be worth seeing how bright this display can be in-person to also appreciate the deep colors, contrast, and image quality.

Get it here



Before you hit the purchase button

No matter what new TV you narrow down to selecting, make sure to price compare and calculate the cost of delivery in the math.   If you are a do-it-yourselfer, good for you, but for others budget in the cost of installation.   Above all, make sure you have a good understanding of the return policy in case, well, you realize you need a bigger TV than the one you purchased!


3 Easy Tweaks to Get Your TV Ready for Super Bowl

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Susannah Cooper February 8, 2022 - 4:14 am

Is the Samsung Frame TV a good purchase? I want the artwork. My husband wants the amazing screen.

Kurt Knutsson February 8, 2022 - 4:45 am

Hi Susannah – I was mesmerized when I first saw the Samsung Frame TV in person. It is gorgeous for the two reasons you both have. It looks like a piece of art on the wall and allows many frame choices to match your interior decor. The picture is remarkable. At the moment, the 65 inch model just got a $500 discount. Of the two friends who I know bought one, they love the Frame TV.


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