5 Travel Apps with the Best Deals

5 Travel Apps with the Best Deals

by Kurt Knutsson

My latest travel app & site suggestions with the best deals 
1. FLYR – predicts airfare prices..  you put in flight and date, it tells you to book or wait.
2. TheMilesGuy.com – airlines making it difficult to cash in free miles.. this guy and his service charge $300 if successful at getting you the award flights you want.  (tested and successful)
3. TripBAM – new site that looks for cheaper rate at a hotel you’ve booked.
4. Stayful – bid on boutique hotels for best deal
5. apaglobal.com$ code JSTRK – the airlines secret source to find distressed passenger discounted rooms for those stuck at an airport.
5 Travel Apps Find the Best Deals

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